Porn Addiction Recovery

Blazing Grace is a Christ-centered ministry for those who want freedom from porn addiction and sex addiction and the new life that God offers. We also provide healing from adultery for wives.

Break Free
Introduction to Blazing Grace

Blazing Grace provides clear Biblical answers and resources for those who are trapped in the snare of porn addiction or sex addiction. We also offer help for wives whose world has been rocked by their husband’s adultery or porn addiction and want to understand how to cope and heal. Our resources include many straightforward articles written by people who’ve been there, our blog, email newsletter, videos, support groups, books, forums, the Blazing Grace Radio Show, and more.

Surveys show that 60%-70% of Christian men are viewing porn, putting many marriages and families at risk. We also offer an action plan for churches that want to effectively minister to their flocks.

An Introduction

Starting Recovery

Blazing Grace is packed with articles that provide understanding, direction, and action steps for those who want lasting freedom from porn addiction. Begin with Breaking Free at the top, then visit our blog, newsletter archives, and videos.

For Wives

Hurting wives who need to heal from adultery or their husband’s porn addiction will find help here.
Get plugged in to our wives groups.
Begin with the articles shown under Wives and Marriage at the top; then our blog, newsletter archives, and videos.
Start Healing

Men’s Phone Group

Accountability is a start, but it’s not enough. We offer an eight week phone group led by Mike Genung that includes accountability, instruction, and action steps. The group is for those who are serious about jumping into the adventure of seeking and knowing God.See More

Wives Phone Groups

We offer weekly phone groups for wives who need support and help from other women. The lady who manages the groups lost her marriage to her husband’s sex and porn addiction and understands your journey to recovery. Read more about her and the wives groups at My Story.My Story

The Road to Grace

The Road to Grace


100 Days on the Road to Grace


Mike Genung has written two books: The Road to Grace; Finding True Freedom from the Bondage of Sexual Addiction, and 100 Days on the Road to Grace; a Devotional for the Sexually Broken. See The Road to Grace for more information, or visit the store to order.

“I’ve read most of the highest rated books on sexual addiction recovery and this is by far the best. Mike addresses the core issues to work through; a must read for anyone who struggles with sexual sin and accepting God’s love and grace.”Brandon

“I have just finished reading The Road to Grace and it is everything and more than I expected! I plan on rereading it starting tomorrow. Thank you; the book is changing my life.”Joe

“Your book has done a great work of healing in my husband’s life. We read it together. Each chapter he faces more of his past and heals those wounds. God bless you for your willingness to expose your life to everyone.”K.B.

New! Couples Workbook

The Road to Grace for Couples The Road to Grace for Couples walks the husband and wife through the process of rebuilding their marriage. Topics include how to talk through and resolve the tough issues, making an action plan, accountability, rebuilding trust, realigning your priorities, prayer, healing heart wounds, revitalizing the relationship, and much more. This is a workbook designed for the husband and wife to work together. Assignments with action steps and/or discussion points are provided, along with space for notes. Visit the Couples Workbook page for more information, or order it at the store.

For a no holds barred look at the product of pornography, including the destruction it causes to those who create it, the extent to which the church is addicted to porn, and how churches, individuals and parents can take effective action, watch our video Porn, the Church, and What to Do About It. This is a no-holds barred presentation with a message that should be in front of every church, para-church ministry, and seminary. We encourage you to share it with the leadership of your church and other Christians.


Want support, encouragement, or advice from others who are can relate to what you’re going through? At our sex addiction recovery forums you will find a community of believers who can walk with you on the road to freedom and healing. Our forums are a great place to find support and encouragement from others who struggle with porn addiction or adultery. Spouses can share their pain and get timely advice from other wives.

Blazing Grace Newsletter

Mike Genung publishes the Blazing Grace newsletter monthly by email, with new articles on recovery from porn and sex addiction, updates on the ministry, and news on future events.
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