Sex Addiction Counseling


by Mike Genung

During my eight year search for freedom from sexual addiction and healing, I spent many hours in counselor’s offices. Some of what they offered helped. A few counselors did more harm than good. Most had letters after their name. In the end, it didn’t seem most of them they knew what breaking free from sexual sin looked like, or what the answer was. I had no idea what I was after so I was looking to them for the answers to my questions.

One thing I noticed was that with some counselors it was like talking to a book; it felt like they were working their education and training on me instead of helping me discover what was keeping me trapped and showing me the way out.

Today I know I needed the practical, real-world Biblical tools and structure that would enable me to overcome temptation. I also needed to resolve my heart issues, which included distorted core beliefs and unresolved wounds that were driving and intensifying the pull to turn to lust. Lasting freedom was impossible without both.

Since 2000, I’ve worked with men, wives, and couples at every level of the church and helped them find healing and freedom, including senior pastors, those in the public eye, and regular people like you and me.

Wives have their own unique journey. Some have husbands whose hearts are rock hard, and need guidance on how to approach them (hint: boundaries, consequences, and knowing who you are). Others have husbands who are trying to recover yet their relationship is still floundering. Or they need help with anger, forgiveness, and their own healing.

If having a counselor with letters after their name and an education is important to you, I’m not the one. I don’t mean any of this to say there aren’t good counselors out there who are helping people. There are, many I’m sure, it’s just that it’s not always easy to find one who knows what they’re doing when it comes to this area. Many have told me they can’t find a counselor experienced in sexual addiction in their city.

If you want to work with someone who suffered in bondage of sexual sin for years, could have lost his marriage, then discovered the way to healing and freedom and has years of experience helping others find healing and freedom, we might be a good fit.

I offer individual and couples counseling over the phone and here in our office in Colorado Springs. We also offer a 2 day intensive for individuals or couples.

For more information, send a message through the Contact Us page and request information on counseling. We have several forms that would need to be filled out, including a questionnaire that requires that you share your background, among other questions.