The Wife’s Heart

The Wife’s Heart

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Paperback: 203 Pages
Publisher: Blazing Grace Publishing
Published: Jan 2017
ISBN–13: 978-0-9787756-7-4
ISBN–10: 0-9787756-7-8
Printed in USA

About the Book

“My husband is addicted to porn; I’m hurting, and feel so alone.”

When a wife discovers her husband has committed adultery or is addicted to pornography, her world is rocked. Does she really know her husband? Why did he lie to her? How does she cope with her pain and anger, rebuild trust, restore the marriage, and heal?

The Wife’s Heart answers these questions and more

Topics include:

  • Understanding your husband.
  • What to do if he refuses to get help, or keeps falling.
  • The 8 elements of rebuilding trust.
  • Coping with triggers such as fear, anger, and insecurity.
  • Embracing your incredible value as a wife and daughter of Christ.
  • Forgiveness
  • Healing your heart
  • And much more.

Read Chapter 8 from The Wife’s Heart: Triggers, Triggers, Everywhere

Table of Contents:

  1. When Your World Comes Undone
  2. Who Is He?
  3. Who Are You?
  4. You and God
  5. Who Should I Tell?
  6. Two + Three
  7. Boundaries, Consequences, and Control
  8. Triggers, Triggers, Everywhere
  9. You Are Jael
  10. Coping the Right Way
  11. The Eight Elements of Rebuilding Trust
  12. How You Can Help Him
  13. What Has Been Exposed?
  14. Lies, the Truth, and Healing
  15. The If, When, and Why of Forgiving Your Husband
  16. A Story of Healing
  17. Drawing Near
  18. God Shines through the Cracks

Bonus Material

  • The Unwanted Chapter
  • Lies and Truth (Supplement to Chapter 14)
  • Finding Your Best Friend

Reviews of The Wife’s Heart

  • This book was my God-send. In the middle of a very dark night I came across the Blazing Grace website and knew right away after reading Mike’s story that I needed to read this book. I read it in just a couple days, couldn’t put it down. Along with my Bible, The Wife’s Heart is one of my “go to” books on hard days. It gave validity to my story, everything I was feeling and it gave me the strength to fight the battle head on! I knew the Lord understood and he was carrying me but I needed a person to get it, really get it. I remember reading the first chapter and thinking finally someone understands and I’m not crazy. The Wife’s Heart book gave me practical tools to make it through one day at a time and to find myself again through the pain. It gave me strength to fight the long battle ahead, hope that no matter the outcome I was going to make it and be better for it. And it gave me what I needed the most, God’s word, and life verses on every page to stay focused on Jesus.

  • “The Wife’s Heart” was an answer to my prayers and came into my hands at the perfect time. I had no idea my husband’s addiction would affect me so badly nor did I know how to help heal myself. I was being triggered multiple times a day and trying to take care of my little ones in the midst of all this. This book guided me through steps I needed to take in order to start healing. It taught me how to set boundaries which was a big step for me in starting to heal. The chapters on boundaries, and triggers really spoke to me. I love how it focuses on God and gives scripture quotes to guide you through your healing process. Thank you Mike for thinking of us wives.

  • Wow what a journey this has been! I have been able to take a long look at myself through the readings and exercises in Mike’s book “The Wife’s Heart” and the weekly women’s support group, so that in my journey of healing I have been challenged to look at my faith and my priorities. Understanding God’s grace for me, his favor and his deep love for me and humbling myself in my relationship with him has allowed me to break down the barriers of unforgiveness, pain, pride and accepting the lies of the enemy and compare it to God’s truth. God is the key, he is the path to righteousness, he has set out our purpose and this has helped my husband and I to understand the battle we are in to fight for our marriage that the enemy wants to destroy through distractions, lies and pride. Mike’s book has helped us to witness the journey of a humble servant in need of grace and redemption from his struggles and the lies that the enemy had told him and how we he sought the Lord with all his heart, mind and soul and he found him! Mike has given us the example that a close bond with the Lord is like no other and can’t compare with anything that the world has to offer. He has shared with all of us that no matter how we look at ourselves, no matter what we’ve done, God still loves us and longs for us to be restored to him. He has showed us that God takes in the weak and makes them strong, mighty, whole and filled with the love, forgiveness and righteousness of God. Mike’s book has given me the hope that I can get off the treadmill of trying, striving, doubting and fearing and trust in God’s promise that if you pursue Him with all your heart, mind and soul you will find Him and have life abundantly.
    The trying is done! The anger is done! The Hopelessness is done! The belief in the lies is done! The condemnation is done! Nothing we have done, are doing and will do can separate us from the love of the Lord! Thank you Lord!

  • ~The Wife’s Heart has been really good and helpful with tangible action steps. So far, I have done everything the book states not to do. I’m glad that I see this now and realize I have a lot of work to do. I’m really enjoying my reading.

  • I am already halfway through The Wife’s Heart and intend on finishing it before I go to sleep- it’s got such a great flow to it and I love your no-nonsense, God-fearing approach. Thank you for repeating things throughout your book that wives of a porn-addicted spouse so desperately need to know, understand, and believe.

  • Chapter 9 on Jael in The Wife’s Heart is POWERFUL!  I realized that I was like Jael when I called “the other woman” who had claimed to be my friend over the last two years. I called her out on her lies and took a stand that she is to never contact us again. My husband was so relieved that I did that because she still had power over him and us because of his lack of confession. We need to slay the dragon at times and take action, ladies! Don’t be a victim, we have a list of arsenals that we can take up to defeat the enemy! And we have a great God who can fight the battle for us!

  • There is so much in The Wifes Heart that I have had to reread chapters… I am on chapter 5 and have reread it twice and plan to go through it again. Even with the pen, highlighter and post-it notes, I can’t take it all in.

  • I just love the way Mike writes and speaks; direct and to the point and to my heart. It’s so comforting and reassuring to hear that someone understands and I am not a crazy woman over this mess, especially coming from a man. I am soooooooo encouraged! It’s so incredibly refreshing to have a man/men call out another man/men on their unholy and inexcusable behavior. Really can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do, not just with our marriage, but all of our circumstances.

  • Oh my goodness, talk about a lot to process.. I’m devouring every word…  I’m on chapter 9… I had to slow down.. I’m emotionally exhausted today after reading so much! The Wife’s Heart is definitely an amazing book! Its direct… black and white… which is good in this situation! Their is no doubt about it… this book speaks to us broken-hearted wives!