Teens & Youth Support Group

Young Warriors

Teen and Youth Group for Freedom from Porn Addiction

With the prevalence of smartphones, today’s youth are getting exposed to pornography as early as age six. Most of the adult men who come to us for help got hooked on porn at the age of eight. Typically, the young man keeps his porn habit a secret. Isolation and hiding feed lust, and they carry their growing porn addiction well into adulthood. 10, 20, even 30 years into their marriage, their spouse finally discovers their porn habit, causing significant trauma pain and confusion to their marriage and family.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Young men who are willing to take the ongoing action steps necessary to break free and heal from the damage that pornography causes can live free from lust and save themselves from decades of pain and sorrow.

Young Warriors is our mentoring program for young men who are ensnared to pornography and are serious about taking the action steps necessary to live free from sexual sin. Each week, you will participate in a one-on-one phone call with Brandon Burnett, the facilitator of our youth ministry. He will walk you through the principles of Mike Genung’s book, The Road to Grace; Finding True Freedom from the Bondage of Sexual Addiction. You will be encouraged and challenged to take the action steps necessary during the week to break free; ongoing prayer is critical.

Young Warriors gives you a safe way to share your struggles with someone who has been there, and be equipped in these areas:

  • Turn and Connect; how to overcome temptation.
  • Cutting off the stumbling blocks of temptation
  • The critical need to cultivate a consistent prayer life.
  • Sexual purity in dating
  • Living free from masturbation
  • Resolving the heart issues that drive lust
  • Your identity in Christ
  • Spiritual warfare
  • And more!

Cost: $149.00 for three months of participation in the program. Renew as often as you like. The first month’s fee includes a copy of The Road to Grace.

It’s critical that we equip our youth in the area of sexual purity. One leader in youth ministry estimates that up to 80% of Christian youth leave the church by the early 20’s, with sexual issues playing a key factor in drawing them away from the faith. We must not remain silent about sexual issues.

Those who participate in our other groups often find that they form strong bonds with other believers that extend well beyond the group. Going to battle with a band of young warriors who are committed to each other builds deep friendships that are not always seen in the church. You will be encouraged to connect with other young men who are participating in the Young Warriors program.

Please contact us for more information and to sign up.