The Road to Grace for Couples Workbook

The Road to Grace for Couples Workbook

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ISBN–13: 978-0-9787756-8-1
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A Workbook for Couples for Healing from Porn and Adultery

The Road to Grace for Couples; a Workbook for Healing from Porn and Adultery walks the husband and wife through the process of rebuilding their marriage from the wreckage that porn addiction and adultery causes. Topics include how to talk through and resolve the tough issues, making an action plan, accountability, rebuilding trust, realigning your priorities, fighting with your spouse instead of against them, prayer, healing heart wounds, revitalizing the relationship, and much more.

This is a workbook designed for the husband and wife to work together. Assignments with action steps and/or discussion points are provided, along with space for notes. If you want your notes on the assignments to be private, you might consider purchasing two workbooks. A special price for a two workbook purchase is shown below.

Read Chapter 1 from the Couples Workbook; Setting the Stage

Table of contents:


  1. Setting the Stage
  2. Taking Ownership
  3. The Action Plan
  4. Understanding My Spouse
  5. Putting the Two Sides Together
  6. Priorities
  7. Who’s the Enemy?
  8. If He Falls Again
  9. Rebuilding Trust
  10. No Control Freaks Allowed
  11. His Wounds / Her Wounds
  12. Weaving Humility and Grace into the Marriage
  13. The Right Words
  14. Finding Your Best Friend
  15. Resolving Resentment
  16. The God Seekers
  17. The Sweet Spot of Forgiveness
  18. Sex
  19. The Return of the Servant-Leader
  20. Blessing Your Spouse
  21. Don’t Hide Your Light
  22. Twelve Reminders

Reviews of The Road to Grace for Couples Workbook

  • Your book has been life changing and is helping to save, restore and heal my broken marriage of 27 years!!!

  • This book was the tool we needed to start the path to restoration in our marriage – one that was completely shattered, more like dust and most of it had blown away. My husband and I have been together 23 years of which 20 we have been married and 20 of those years my husband was addicted to sex and everything that is attached to that addiction. While I was not always aware of it’s overtaking of his life, our marriage and myself… I was dying and in many ways was already dead. Our 3 teen children had now been exposed to the situation and the effect it had on them was great. My husband moved out and after 4 months of God really working in both of us he moved back home. We were a mess, wanted restoration and wanted different but not sure how. With our pain, anger, brokenness and 20 years pile of shattered life; we didn’t know how or where to even start. The Couples Workbook was that starting place, it gave opportunity for my husband to be honest with his addiction and made him take full responsibility for his actions. It gave topics that we had to discuss to break through the walls and move forward that we otherwise probably would not have. We had to take breaks as it was very hard and we still had a lot of individual work we needed to do but the workbook provided practical tools that really helped. It kept us accountable with each other and the commitment to moving forward. It also put the focus on Jesus and provided scripture verses that were just what we needed to begin the road to restoration.

  • My husband and I got the Couples Workbook and it has been been very good! I would definitely recommend it!