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Blazing Grace is a Christ-centered ministry for those who want freedom from porn & sex addiction - through the new life God offers. We also provide support and help for wives. Breaking Free

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Mike Genung’s books offer life-changing answers that focus on the heart.

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Current Episodes

Kerry McAvoy’s Story

Recorded: Sep 13, 2021

Kerry McAvoy was married for 31 years before losing her first husband to cancer. She remarried, and discovered her second husband was a Christian porn addict who was also committing Read More

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Robin Williams on Prayer

Recorded: Sep 07, 2021

Robin Williams, who facilitated the Blazing Grace Wives Group for 5 years until 2016, shares her journey, the power of prayer, stories of changed lives through prayer, and the need Read More

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Recent Posts from Blazing Grace

Broken Fathers, Wounded Hearts

August 16, 2021

It’s 2007, and I’m addressing a group of men at a church. As I’m discussing the topic of fatherhood, I ask the men to raise their hands if they had Read More

Prayer Requests and News

August 5, 2021

We’re putting the trip to the UK and Europe together and I wanted to ask for prayer. October 9 I’m leading a From Porn to Grace conference in North Wales; Read More

A Tragic Story

July 8, 2021

From 2005-2007 we aired the original Blazing Grace Radio show in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The focus was similar to today’s show, with an emphasis on talking openly about sexual issues Read More

About the Rogue Christian

God’s people can sense it; we’re losing our country. Sexual depravity is everywhere, the occult has gone mainstream, suicide rates are rising, and mass shootings are commonplace. Our nation is divided in a cultural civil war, and Christians are the enemy.

Yet, most churches rarely discuss these issues openly, let alone act as if there’s a problem outside their doors.

Mike Genung’s new book The Rogue Christian takes a hard look at where we are today, explores the root causes of why the church has lost its salt, and provides the biblical action steps every believer can take to spark the spiritual awakening that will turn the church and our country around.

Recent Posts from The Rogue Christian

  • Refuse to Accept Defeat August 26, 2021
    There can never be defeat if a man refuses to accept defeat. Wars are lost in the mind before they are lost on the ground. No nation was ever defeated until the people were willing to accept defeat. Many patients in hospitals die when they Read More The post Refuse to Accept Defeat appeared first […]
  • How to Rest During a Vacation July 27, 2021
    We’ve all done it. We go on a vacation, expecting to get rejuvenated at the end. We kick it into gear, running from place to place in an attempt to see it all, do it all. Our smartphone is always close at hand. Can’t let Read More The post How to Rest During a Vacation […]
  • How You Can Make a Significant Impact June 23, 2021
    At a message given at a weekend church service in California, Mike Genung shows why we have hope for a spiritual awakening in spite of current events, and looks at the simple steps every believer and church can take to make a significant impact The post How You Can Make a Significant Impact appeared first […]

Blazing Grace Europe

Mike Genung has spoken in churches across Europe and the UK; our office in Italy ships Mike’s books in German, Italian, and English.

Blazing Grace EuropeAbout Our Europe Office

Mike Genung Live

Want Mike to speak in your church or organization? Mike leads conferences, retreats, and training seminars, and can give the Sunday morning message at your church.

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Blazing Grace provides clear biblical answers and resources for those who are trapped in the snare of porn or sex addiction.

We offer help for wives whose world has been rocked by their husband’s adultery or addiction.

Our resources include many straightforward articles written by people who’ve been there.

Surveys show that over 60% of Christian men are viewing porn, putting families at risk.

What people are saying...

The immediate change in our lives was incredible. We have both grown so much closer to each other like never before. We have both grown close to Christ as well.- Mathew

I've been in tears the past couple of days reading your book. I feel so refreshed, so renewed in God.- Reader

Mike Genung's books have been a life changing help to many people here in Europe.- Phil PÖschl, Chairman of Safer Surfing, Austria

Mike illustrates how important it is for a sexually addicted person (actually for anyone) to accept God's grace in one's life. Understanding and embracing this grace will bring the healing of those wounds which are often the basis for sexual addiction.- Dan Wiens, Director, Liberati,Cristo, Italy

I am very proud of the way Mike has given his life to helping the men, wives, and marriages impacted by porn and sex addiction. He has been there and found a way to connect with those he helps on a deep level.- Dr. Douglas Weiss, Ph.D and counselor

I am on my second reading of The Road to Grace. Your observations and presentation of scripture, give me great hope and show me a direction I can believe. My wife appreciated the section for wives, which helped her see that she is "normal" in her responses, and gave her hope that the struggle will get easier.- Gaylon