Couples Two-Day Intensive

Healing a wounded marriage from porn and/or adultery is one of the most difficult, confusing, and painful journeys a couple can endure.

Many couples find tremendous help in working through these issues in a private, neutral setting, with an experienced guide. 

Many factors are involved, including the length and depth of the offending spouse’s involvement with sexual sin, the couple’s communication patterns, their relationship with God, individual belief systems, the husband’s journey to freedom, the wife’s healing, their family of origin, and unresolved heart wounds.

The restoration process involves consistent effort from both sides, flexibility, humility, the willingness to change, perseverance, forgiveness, and, especially, God’s healing touch.

The goal with our marriage intensive is to help you navigate this journey, provide clarity, move toward healing, facilitate a restored relationship with your spouse, and deepen your relationship with the Lord. 

During our time together, we look at rebuilding trust, boundaries, the action steps both of you need to take, helping you work through the issues that are tripping you up, working with instead of against each other, rebuilding your marriage around your God-given priorities, your relationships with the Lord, the heart issues that need to be resolved, and more.

There is no set amount of time for working with each issue; in the couples intensive we’ll spend the time that’s needed on the topics that need to be focused on. If you’re doing well in an area we won’t park there.

Mike Genung leads the marriage intensives, which are held in four sessions over two days at our office in Colorado Springs.

You may be given assignments to work during or after the intensive. Click here for more of Mike’s story and background. 

To get the most out our time together, we ask the following: 

1. All disclosures by the offending party should have been made before the intensive started. This is critical because if new revelations of sexual sin are divulged during the intensive it could derail our time together.

2. Both sides must be willing to do the work necessary to heal. Occasionally, the offended party may have the idea that their spouse needs to do all the work to get their marriage on track. The foundation of your marriage has been rocked, and both sides have been profoundly affected. The shaking process often exposes weaknesses, pain, or sinful habits, that, if left untended, can continue to thwart the couples healing process. It’s important for both sides to understand their need to work at rebuilding their relationship.

3. During the intensive, raging, bullying, or abusive language is not allowed. It is important to express anger, hurt, and other emotions, but stepping over the line with screaming, insults, or name calling will sabotage what we’re trying to do and waste precious time. If you feel like your emotions are overpowering you, please feel free to ask for a break. Should one of you continue to be abusive in the manner described above continually, we will cease our work for that day, without recourse of the lost time.

None of this means we want you to be shut down emotionally when you’re here; these are emotionally difficult issues to work through and it’s important that everyone is able to express their feelings honestly, from the heart.

One of our goals is to work with, not against each other, and to treat each other with 1 Corinthians 13 love.

Other details: 

We believe that all of the Bible is God’s word, and is the standard for life and marriage.

Prayer will be a part of our time together. Once you’ve made the commitment to come, we encourage you to pray for your time here. We will be praying for you.

Both spouses are required to fill out a questionnaire. Acceptance of an appointment from our side is contingent upon review of these forms.

For more information, pricing, and application questionnaire, please contact us.

Our hope is that this will be a time of refreshment for the two of you, and that you’ll set aside time to enjoy our state, which offers many different recreational activities. Colorado has 53 mountains with an elevation of over 14,000 feet, and the scenery here is wonderful.

If you’re interested in taking the next step, please contact us.

Pikes Peak, with Garden of the Gods in the foreground

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