Sex & Porn Addiction Counseling


We offer counseling for individuals who want freedom from porn addiction, wives who need to heal from their spouse’s porn or adultery, and couples who want to rebuild their marriage. I also counsel parents whose child is ensnared to pornography.

Since 2000, I’ve worked with men, wives, and couples at every level of the church and helped them find healing and freedom from porn addiction and adultery, including senior pastors, persons with large public platforms, ministry professionals, and more. I’ve walked with men and women who were abused, molested, or raped, in addition to those who have been wounded by the church. Many have suffered spiritual abuse when they went to a church for help, especially wives: “If you just gave your husband more sex he wouldn’t have a lust problem… you just need to submit to your husband even though he’s a porn addict…” are some of the common “answers” that women are given by Christian counselors or pastors, all of which are damaging.

I experienced the trauma of being molested by a trusted adult female family member while growing up, struggled with sex and porn addiction for 20 years, and experienced spiritual abuse by a pastor; I can relate to people who are suffering from personal experience.

My Approach

My approach is to provide you with the Biblical structure to get your life on track, equip you with the effective tools that enable you to be an overcomer, provide a plan for moving forward, and, most importantly, help you resolve the root issues that drive lust, fear, shame, anger, or whatever you’re going through. Until the core heart issues are resolved, temporary relief is the best you can hope for. This is the same for a wife as it is for her husband; how he wounded her will tap into any unresolved wounds she suffered prior to marriage.

Restoration of the relationship with the Lord is woven into the healing process. I’ll help you look at any blocks that might be keeping you from an intimate love-relationship with the Lord so you can move forward in His purpose for your life as His son or daughter. You are meant to be an overcomer and a warrior, not a victim.

For Wives

Wives have their own unique journey. Some wives have husbands whose hearts are hardened, and need guidance on the best approach for moving forward. Others have husbands who are trying to recover from sex addiction, yet their relationship is still floundering. Or they need help with anger, forgiveness, and their own healing.

You will be required to fill out a questionnaire(below) for individual sessions. Acceptance of an appointment from our side is contingent upon review of these forms.

For Couples

I offer individual and couples counseling over the phone and here in our office in Chandler, Arizona. We also offer a two day intensive for individuals or couples. We have individuals and couples who fly to our office from other states for counseling. Please let us know if you’d like to discuss scheduling an appointment.

For the testimonial of a couple who flew to our office and worked with Mike for 2 days, see the marital intensive page.

For more information, send a message through the Contact Us page.

For details about our Two-Day Couples Intensive, see the couples intensive page.

The immediate change in our lives was incredible. We have both grown so much closer to each other like never before. We have both grown close to Christ as well. – Mathew