Sex Addiction Counseling

mike-2During my eight-year search for freedom from sexual addiction, I spent many hours in counselor’s offices.

Some of what they offered helped. A few counselors did more harm than good. Most had letters after their name.

I wonder if they knew what breaking free from sexual sin actually looked like, or what the answer was. At the time, I had no idea what I was after, so I looked to them for the answers.

Talking with some counselors was like talking to a book. I felt like I was part of of their training and didn’t receive any help discovering what was keeping me trapped, or how to find the way out.

Today I know I needed the practical Biblical tools, the structure to overcome temptation, to resolve my heart issues, which included distorted core beliefs and unresolved wounds, and especially, I needed my relationship with the Lord restored. I also desperately needed to know what I needed to do to heal my marriage.

Since 2000, I’ve worked with men, wives, couples, and women who struggle with pornography at every level of the church and helped them find healing and freedom, including senior pastors, persons with a public platform, and regular people like you and me.

Wives have their own unique journey. Some have husbands whose hearts are hardened, and need guidance on the best approach. Others have husbands who are trying to recover, yet their relationship is still floundering. Or they need help with anger, forgiveness, and their own healing.

I offer individual and couples counseling over the phone and here in our office in Colorado Springs. We also offer a 2-day intensive for individuals or couples.

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The immediate change in our lives was incredible. We have both grown so much closer to each other like never before. We have both grown close to Christ as well. – Mathew