Breaking Free from Porn and Sex Addiction

In this section you will find articles that provide a path to recovery from sex addiction.

Freedom IS Possible

The journey begins by acquiring basic tools, such as staying out of isolation and removing the stumbling blocks of temptation, and continues with dealing with the heart issues that block you from receiving the love of God in your heart. Then we press forward to a re-invigorated relationship with God.

The journey to breaking free from porn and sex addiction includes healing our closest relationships, especially those with our spouses and kids. There is a stronghold of self-absorption that must be broken, and the only way to do that is to tear our attention off of ourselves and start serving and loving others with no expectation that they’ll do something for us in return.

The journey requires humility, the willingness to nail pride to the cross, and the courage to allow God to open the hood of our life, take a hard look at what He wants us to deal with, and then take the appropriate action.

Finding freedom from sexual sin always involves action. Men who talk about going to support groups or doing the other things that must be done, but never take action, are lying to themselves.

If you’re telling your wife that you’re strong enough to break free from sex addiction on your own, but you’ve been struggling with sexual sin for years, it’s your track record that reveals the truth, not your words.  She can’t and won’t rebuild her trust in you based on lies or denial. You’ve got to show her that you mean business by your actions.

Blazing Grace is about pointing you to the God you’ve been starved for, some might even say the God you were looking for every time you indulged in lust. When a man or woman has their heart filled with the life, love, and joy of the living God, the pull of porn and sexual addiction becomes nothing in comparison.

May God speak to you as you walk through the pages of this site.

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