Newcomer’s Call

We offer several complimentary Newcomer’s Phone Calls for men who want freedom from porn and sex addiction, and wives who are in the healing journey from a marriage that has been traumatized by porn or other forms of sexual sin.

The Newcomer’s Call is for those who are new to the recovery process or Blazing Grace and would like to ease into the process of group participation before considering our Men’s 8 Week Course or Wife’s Heart 10 Week Course.

In the Newcomer’s Call we will encourage you to share your story. You’re free to ask questions about who we are and what we do. You’ll get feedback from the group leader on your story, and then finish your time in prayer. As with all of our groups, the environment is a safe one where you can share anything.

Tim Peterson, who leads the Men’s 8 Week Course, typically leads the men’s Newcomer’s Call. Sandy England, who leads the Wife’s Heart 10 Week Course, typically leads the wives Newcomer’s Call.

There is no charge to participate. Please contact us for more information and to get signed up.