Action Steps to Freedom

Action Steps to Freedom

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New for 2019!

Action Steps to Freedom is our unique, eight week course for those who want freedom from sexual sin, now available in a book.  The course provides you with the Biblical tools and action steps to overcome temptation, restore your marriage, rebuild your character, and revitalize your relationship with God.

Each week, you will be given 4-5 assignments to work. Some assignments are done with your spouse; others with an accountability partner. An accountability and prayer partner is required for the entire course. Calling your accountability partner on a daily basis for prayer and support is critical for your healing and the restoration of your marriage. As you will discover, prayer is powerful; praying together daily with your accountability partner can have a profound impact on you and your marriage.

The first 4 weeks set the foundation by providing you with the Biblical tools to overcome temptation, provides assignments that begin the healing process in your marriage, and rebuild your character. The 2nd 4 weeks delve into the core, root issues of the heart that drive lust and block receiving love from God and others, while continuing the process of rebuilding your character and marriage.

Action Steps is about far more than “not looking at porn.”  Woven throughout the course are assignments that draw you close to God. Many Christians struggle with having an intimate relationship with God; Action Steps provides the Biblical way to a deeper relationship with the God who loves you.

Action Steps to Freedom is great for churches, counselors, leaders, ministries, or any group of two or more.

Reviews of Action Steps to Freedom

  • The group and assignments were great. It’s a lot to get through in eight weeks, but it gave me new insights and strength. Thank you for the wisdom and investment in my life!

  • I took the Action Steps course earlier this year. As of today, I’m 5 months free. I have been able to successfully “turn and connect,” as you teach, when temptation comes my way. Thank you for all you have done. I appreciate your honest testimony of your journey, as it offers encouragement and needed warnings.

  • I’m no longer white-knuckling when it comes to turning from temptation. It’s easier now; I’m starting to believe there’s hope.

  • Going on the retreat alone was great! I stayed at a cabin in the mountains, and God gave me a chapter in the Bible that met me right where I am.

  • The biblical methods in this course are the only way people will find freedom.  I have peace now. I don’t think about lust often, and when it hits I know can turn from it. I have a long way to go, but can say I have freedom I’ve never had.