Blazing Grace Billboards

When it comes to sexual sin, silence and apathy destroys families. When we speak boldly of the problem and offer clear answers it encourages those who struggle with sex or porn addiction to reach out and get help.

You can provide hope to the hurting by sponsoring a Blazing Grace billboard in your city.

Below is a picture of a billboard campaign we ran in Colorado Springs. Local TV news shows and the newspaper gave it exposure, but most importantly, it encouraged those who were struggling to get help.

“Thank you for the billboard on Nevada; I have been given new life.” – W.

“Your billboards are awesome ! They need to be in every city across America!” – Bill

“I found out about your site when I saw your billboard… I have a problem with porn and masturbation and would like to attend your meetings… please help.” – A.J.

“I just wanted to say I think the billboards are great!  Too many people with this issue don’t know where to turn. Thanks for your support of the Christian men in our community who are looking for help!” – Shannon

“I saw your billboard and it was like a beacon. In big letters it said “PORN” and caught my attention right away. It’s bold and it spoke to me. It let me know that there are others who are struggling… I did a lot of reading on your sight and it was all dead on. I’d like to come to a meeting and would like directions on how to get there.  I really believe God grabbed my attention with your sign; it just grabbed me.” – S.