Blazing Grace Men’s 8 Week Course Questionnaire and Agreement

Blazing Grace Men’s 8 Week Course

General Information and Questionnaire

The purpose of the Blazing Grace Men’s Group is to provide the structure, support, and materials that will help you make significant progress in your journey toward freedom from sexual sin, and especially, a closer relationship with God.

Most men are unaware of how sexual sin has affected their character. Some of the effects include shame, self-absorption, spiritual and emotional blindness, apathy, hiding/lying/deception, distorted core beliefs, and for some, hopelessness. The course is designed to undo the effects of lust by taking action steps, help you work through the heart issues that drive lust, and draw near to God so you may experience His grace and love.

The action steps you will take include ongoing accountability with another group member, accountability with the spouse (for those who are married), and removing the stumbling blocks of temptation that the group member has been falling with.

  • For example: if a group member was continually binging on porn with his smartphone, it would be recommended that he switch to a phone that doesn’t have internet access or install an accountability app during the course. This may seem extreme, but it’s important to realize that if you’ve been indulging in porn or sexual sin for 10 or 20 years or more (as most men have before they seek help) the chances are high you won’t be strong enough to say no to temptation, and you won’t receive the best results from the course.

Removing the stumbling blocks alone will not provide healing of the heart, but what it does is give you the breathing room needed so that the Lord can begin to work there. Without abstinence from sexual sin there can be no healing.

As the course progresses the focus will be more on the issues of the heart and restoring the relationship with God. The last week of the course you will be asked to go to a Christian retreat alone for 24 hours that would be focused on seeking God. The retreat should not have a TV and it’s best that you leave your cell phone home (or allow the retreat manager to hold it for you) to eliminate distractions or temptations.

We ask that you sign up for the group only if you’re willing to commit fully as the other group members are required to do. If one or two group members aren’t serious it can have a negative effect on the others.

Once we have your questionnaire filled out and have enough members to start the group, payment would be required. The group cost is non-refundable. We accept credit cards or checks. One copy of Action Steps to Freedom will be sent to you after payment. Once all members have received their books, the group leader will pair you with another group member for an accountability partner.

If you’re ready to get started, please fill out the following form so we can understand where you are, and to assist us in placing you with an accountability partner. All information is kept confidential.