Blazing Grace Speaking Engagements

I was very impressed with your message, passion and delivery. Please be encouraged that what you are doing is very important and so needed.
Sue G., licensed counselor

Listening to the experience of a man who has been in the grip of sexual addiction and who testified how it is possible to overcome it with God’s help impressed me; for his courage, and also for his love for his Italian brothers and the world. His way of exhorting and teaching was very encouraging and instructive for me. I think that we men need to be more courageous in regards to the many subjects that regard our inner being. Talking openly and facing the problems (like sexual sin or pornography) can be the first of many steps to a “road to grace.”
A man who attended a retreat Mike Genung led in Italy

Want to make an impact in your community?

Consider partnering up with us to set up a From Porn to Grace Conference, or having Mike Genung speak at your church or organization. Our From Porn to Grace Conference is a great way to provide answers and healing to men and women in your city who are hungry for answers. Our approach is to place equal emphasis on both husbands and wives; the wife is often left out and we believe their healing is just as important as the man’s recovery.  We have had people fly in from other states to attend a conference; in a conference we held in Missouri we had attendees from Oklahoma and Iowa.

Mike Genung has led conferences, retreats, and given the Sunday morning message in churches in the U.S. and Europe. Although speaking about freedom from porn is what he often speaks about, pointing people to a passionate love relationship with God is always woven into message.

In the retreats he leads, Mike will often have attendees spend time alone with God in silence for at least one afternoon. One man who attended a retreat in Italy wrote:

During the retreat we had the afternoon to seek God. This phrase “seeking God” seemed strange, or even absurd to me! Initially, I laughed about this, thinking that this exercise was one of those dumb American things. But then I realized that too often we believers are focused on searching for God’s intervention, for His help in difficult situations, or always looking for something that has to do with us, but rarely do we strive to search for God and He alone.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss setting up an event or having Mike speak at your church or organization.