Start a Strength in Numbers Group

Strength in Numbers is our Christ and grace centered support group for men who struggle with pornography, sexual addiction and/or homosexuality. The group provides a safe place for men to share openly of their struggles with lust; pointing all to God’s grace is the goal. The original Colorado Springs group still meets on Monday nights.

Strength in Numbers is not a 12 step group, nor does it follow a program. Some groups use the book The Road to Grace as a basis for weekly discussion points, but this is not required.

After opening the meeting with prayer all members are asked to be accountable with any issues involving pornography, lust in the mind, masturbation, sex outside of marriage and/or any inappropriate relationships since their last meeting. We invite the men to discuss how they are doing in their marriages and other key relationships, as lust affects these areas. Our mutual transparency and the grace we extend to each other in our weakness bonds us together in a way few experience.

In the last 10 minutes of our time together we all pray for each other, keeping in mind the needs and struggles that have been shared. We’ve seen the Lord work miracles in the lives of men and their families, just from prayer alone!

If you don’t have a Strength in Numbers group in you city, please consider starting one. Email us and we’ll email you information on how to start a group, run it, and promote it.

This same format can be followed if you want to set up a group for wives.