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Hi, I’m Mike Genung. I wrote most of the content on Blazing Grace.

I struggled with multiple forms of sexual sin from my teen years until 1999 that included porn and masturbation, promiscuity, adultery, and sex with prostitutes.  After being in bondage to sexual sin for 20 years, eight of which were spent in various recovery programs, I was set free after making God my last hope. You can read more of my story here.

Because the church didn’t talk about sex or porn, I assumed I was a freak. I assumed that 2%-5% of the men in the church struggled with lust.

But when I saw the surveys showing that 50% of Christian men were viewing porn, I was shocked. How could so many Christians be struggling with a sin so devastating that it destroys marriages, yet no one is talking about it? That was 1999. Today’s surveys show that two thirds of Christian men are viewing porn… and those are just the honest ones.  Christian women are struggling with this too.

Wanting to help others, I started a Christ and grace centered support group for men in 2000 that was called Strength in Numbers. The group grew, and I started writing articles. I discovered a love for writing, and in 2004 set up the Blazing Grace website.

When I was in bondage to lust I was desperate for answers, not only for how to break free, but how to heal my marriage.  Adultery is one of the most traumatic events a couple has to recover from; many marriages don’t make it.

I can’t stand seeing a family ripped apart because of sexual sin. I get angry knowing that the church has the answers and could save many marriages, but is blowing it, just because leadership is afraid to talk about sex. The world shoves sexual depravity down our throat; the church needs to step up and help those who are hurting, and provide solid answers for how to live sexually pure in the culture that we’re immersed in.

So that’s what Blazing Grace is about: giving you no holds barred, straightforward answers. There’s plenty of content here for those who struggle, as well as hurting wives. I’m a huge proponent of churches dealing effectively with sexual sin with their flocks, so we provide information on how to do this too.

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My books


I’m the author of two books, The Road to Grace; Finding True Freedom from the Bondage of Sexual Addiction, and 100 Days on the Road to Grace; a Devotional for the Sexually Broken. The books take the articles you see on the website into much greater depth and detail. In addition to English, my books have been translated into Korean, German, and soon, French.

I’m also working on a third book which will be a workbook for couples.

Many have written and said the books made a big difference in their lives. I have a separate author’s website on the books at www.roadtograce.net. More information on the books is available here, and you can buy them at the store.

My family

I’ve been married to Michelle since 1989. Our marriage recovered and healed from the hell of my porn use and adultery. One of the most precious moments in our marriage was when Michelle read a letter telling me she forgave me for hurting her. We were both in tears. We have four children and live in Colorado Springs.

Other Stuff

I’ve been interviewed on radio, television, have published articles, and done public speaking. I’ve spent years leading support groups. I try to respond to every email and enjoy reading your comments. You can reach me through our contact us page.

What I believe

I believe that: * All of the Bible is God’s inspired Word. * There is one God in three distinct persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. * Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for everyone’s sin; through faith in Him and His death on the cross we receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life. * Jesus came to set captives free, and there is hope for you and your marriage. I believe that God put every couple together, is passionate about your relationship, and that if both sides are willing to work through the process (which is not easy), and take the action steps required, in time you will experience healing, peace, and freedom.