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When a wife discovers her husband has committed adultery or is addicted to pornography, her world is rocked.

Does she really know her husband? Why did he lie to her? How does she cope with her pain and anger, rebuild trust, and heal?

The Wife’s Heart answers these questions and more. Topics include:

And much more.

Great for use in support groups.

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The Road to Grace provides the tools to break free from the bondage to sexual sin with a straight-forward, Biblical approach.

But this is just the beginning of the journey, as gaining true freedom from lust is about much more than controlling external acts. The Road to Grace delves into the wounds and lies in the heart that block the reader from receiving God’s love, and then guides him to the place where he can accept the free gift of the abundant life in Christ

Masturbation and Healing Father Wounds are excerpts from The Road to Grace.


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100 Days on the Road to Grace offers 100 daily readings that include:

If you’re hungry for God and want more than just freedom from sexual sin, 100 Days is for you.

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Healing a marriage from porn or adultery is one of the most painful and challenging roads a couple can endure.

The husband must break free from sexual sin; a confusing and intimidating journey in of itself, as his wife processes her pain and anger, and grapples with trust.

Then they must discover how to work together to rebuild their relationship, while navigating emotionally-charged land mines.

The Road to Grace for Couples will walk both of you through the process of rebuilding your marriage.

Topics include:

This is a workbook designed for the husband and wife to work together. Assignments with action steps and/or discussion points are provided, along with space for notes.

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