1000 Pastors

Posted: Jun 08, 2017

by Mike Genung

The last week of this month, somewhere between 1,000 and 1,200 pastors and church leaders will receive a free copy of my first book, The Road to Grace; Finding True Freedom from Sexual Addiction.

Calvary Chapel is having their annual, four day long pastor’s conference the last week of this month at the church Chuck Smith founded in Costa Mesa, California. So far they have 1,000 persons registered, and we’re told that number could increase to 1,200. We’re printing 1,200 copies of The Road to Grace, and each attendee will receive a free copy.

This all came about quickly; we got approval to distribute the books at the conference last Friday, just one week after we first made contact with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

For an issue like porn and sex addiction that is often swept under the rug, this is amazing opportunity to put the message of true freedom from sex and porn addiction and the need to discuss it openly at church to a large number of pastors.

In addition to the book giveaway, we also have a table there at the entire 4 day conference where we will be handing out resources and information and engaging with God’s shepherds.

We need some help, so I’m asking you for two things:

Consistent Prayer:

  1. The books are worthless unless they are read, the message is absorbed, and action steps are taken. Please pray for receptive hearts and the willingness to act.
  2. Warfare: That the enemy’s attempts to thwart God’s work would be shut down, and for protection for all involved, including our staff.


We are printing the books at our expense. By the time you add up the printing cost, the freight to ship 1,000 pounds of books, travel and other expenses for our staff (2) who are manning the table, we will have $7,000.00 – $8,000.00 of unplanned expenses. I’ve been funding most of the ministry personally, but with this situation I’m asking for your help in this area.

Blazing Grace is a 501c3 non-profit corp, so donations are tax-deductible.
Checks can be made out and mailed to:
Blazing Grace
PO Box 25763
Colorado Springs, CO 80936

Or you can donate online.