The Next Wave

Posted: Sep 29, 2023

Anti.Prophet is a Youtuber with more than 1 million followers. In a recent video on AI girlfriends, (a sexually explicit artificial intelligence “girlfriend” that can communicate with the viewer) he shared his experience with AI porn.

He stated that “Hearing that voice… and getting (explicit sexual term) with the girl hijacked my brain and made me believe I was actually talking to someone who cared about me. This will lead to the absolute destruction of society.”

Anti.Prophet describes himself as non-religious so there isn’t a spiritual motive behind his words. But, I don’t think he’s far off in saying that AI girlfriends and boyfriends will lead to the destruction of society.

The illusion of communicating with pornography with be far more toxic and addicting than today’s porn videos, especially when, as Anti.Prophet said, the AI girlfriend made him feel like he was cared for. We’re talking about the deception of a woman who is always there, says what the viewer wants and comes off as compassionate in a sexually provocative context. The same goes for AI boyfriends; now a woman can have the perfect man who always listens, is kind, compassionate, and caring while in a private sexual encounter with the male of her dreams.

One recent article titled “The NSFW chatbot hooking Gen Z on AI boyfriends” included the following:

“Over the summer, the ChatGPT-powered platform Janitor AI burst onto the scene, its sudden popularity fueled by TikTok videos and Reddit posts of people engaging in sexual roleplay with the platform’s plethora of user-generated bot personalities. The ability of Janitor AI’s bots to remember previous interactions, as well as offer richer and deeper exchanges, was a big draw. Kimaii said community members team up to create chat prompts that describe characters’ upbringings, personalities, and emotional hang ups. ‘The bots would definitely remember things I told them early on like my appearance, interests, etc.,’ said one 19-year-old female user. ‘They also felt more alive than other platforms do. The bots had a way with words expressing how they feel.’”

What makes AI Porn even more dangerous is the spiritual force behind it. Pornography is a Satanic product: people will be communicating with and exposing themselves to the demonic realm. Once millions are in bondage to AI porn, evil will have taken even more territory in society than it has now.

As AI porn becomes more widely available, porn distribution companies will attempt to move their customers from videos to AI porn. It will be so highly toxic that the money sports teams and other entertainment industries take in will seem like pennies in comparison. One early adaptor of AI porn took in $71,000.00 in one week when they offered a licensed version of an AI girlfriend of a female influencer.

Today, surveys show that 70% of Christian men and upwards of one third of Christian women are viewing porn or engaged in some form of sexual sin. The numbers ratchet up to 95% of youth. Around 85% of Christians are isolated, making them vulnerable to the pull and attraction of pornography and other forms of sexual sin. Picture one third… half… or more… of your congregation hooked on AI porn… the wreckage it will cause, families destroyed, souls in bondage. Today’s vast numbers of men, women, and youth in the church engaged with old-fashioned video porn is a moral crisis. AI porn will take it to another level.

Last week I wrote about how one goal of the The Great Setup was to isolate society, and how isolation leaves people vulnerable to a variety of false comforts and counterfeit love. Lonely people will be highly prone to falling for AI Porn… or an AI Jesus… which I ran into recently.

My friends, every church must warn their flocks that pornography and sexual sin will destroy their lives and urge them to get help if they’re in bondage. We live in a time when sexual sin of every type is on rampage; the days of playing ostrich and avoiding these issues is long past.

We might have another one to three years before AI porn is fully developed and widely available, and then the next tidal wave of darkness will be upon us.

Pastors, please talk about sex and pornography openly with your flocks. Silence of the sexual arena destroys lives.

If you’re in bondage to sexual sin, get help, now. Do not wait. Please contact us if you want help. We offer our 8 week course for men, our 10 week course for wives who want to heal from their spouse’s sex/porn addiction, counseling, prayer groups, and more.

Parents, you must remain vigilant. Don’t allow your kids to have unhindered, wide open access to the internet.

“Is not this the fast that I choose:
to loose the bonds of wickedness,
to undo the straps of the yoke,
to let the oppressed go free,
and to break every yoke?”
Isaiah 58:6

The Church in the News  

September 28, News 12 Long Island: FBI arrests Brentwood pastor accused of sexually exploiting minor.
September 28, WHKY News: Pastor receives prison sentence in child porn case.
September 27, Roys Report: Assemblies of God pastors call for leaders to resign over shameful response to Chi Alpha sex scandal.
September 27, Citizen: North Point Church hosts conference with gay speakers.
September 26, Muddy River News: Youth pastor facing sexual abuse, porn charges, agrees to plea capping prison sentence.
September 25, Law and Crime: Texas Pastor sentenced to prison for child porn.
September 25, Christian Post: Tennessee pastor, father of 6, arrested for alleged child rape. Wife charged with facilitating abuse.

In addition to helping God’s people break free and heal from sexual sin, part of our mission is to educate the church in how widespread sexual sin is inside of its doors, and the desperate, urgent need to talk openly about these issues. The news stories above are daily occurrences, and keep in mind these are just the few I stumbled on. It’s important that we’re aware of the depth of the problem to understand the urgent need to take action.