2021 Begins

Posted: Jan 06, 2021

I saw many writing about what a relief it is to say goodbye to 2020. Although the year is new, the Story behind the Story of Covid remains: we are a church at war and the battles will only intensify. The cultural civil war, sexual depravity, warfare against the church, widespread proliferation of the occult, and lawlessness didn’t reset on January 1. Most of our churches are still prayerless, performance-driven, and isolation-breeding. The need to hit our knees in beseeching, Heaven-rending prayer has never been greater. Will this be the year the church has finally had so much pain that it faces its own sin and puts its flocks on their knees every weekend? Or will we continue to watch and do nothing as it falls off the cliff?

Sermons, Bible studies, and social media posts haven’t gotten us anywhere. Neither have our battles for our rights to meet in our buildings. We have to go Rogue with a sense of urgency and, as Isaiah did, cry out “Here I am God, send me!”

Every one of us has a part to play and there are no guarantees you won’t breathe your last tomorrow. Let’s make our lives count for eternity. If you want more ideas on how you can make an impact, read my book The Rogue Christian, watch the 30 Days of Prayer Videos, host a Rogue Conference, start a prayer meeting in your home, take your church rogue, or… spend an hour or two in prayer every day.

If you’re in bondage to porn or sexual sin and haven’t done anything about it, don’t waste another day. Same for the wives. Contact us now. If you’re just getting started, our newcomer’s groups for men and wives are free so there’s no reason to wait.

Picture: Kirill Ryzhov