8 Prayer Groups

Posted: Feb 11, 2022

If any of you should ask me for an epitome of the Christian religion, I should say that it is in one word – prayer. My own soul’s conviction is that prayer is the grandest power in the entire universe, that it has more omnipotent force than electricity, attraction, gravitation, or any other of those secret forces which men have called by name but which they do not understand.
– Charles Spurgeon

Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving
Colossians 4:2

In my last newsletter, I shared the story of the Hebrides Revival in 1950, and how ongoing prayer meetings triggered and sustained one of the most powerful spiritual awakenings of the past 150 years. You can read the story here if you missed it:

The Hebrides Revival shows how powerful the church would be if it became the house of prayer we are called to be. If I was pastoring a church, I would run prayer meetings 7 days a week, regardless of whether two or 200 showed up. I would consistently challenge my flock to spend around an hour each day alone in prayer, and I would challenge them to participle in at least one daily prayer meeting a week. We would pray as a congregation during the services. That church would be spiritually powerful. While I would give them a little instruction on how to pray, the main way we learn to pray, is by praying (!), not preaching sermons about it. We would pray together often as a body.

I issue the same challenge to you. We are now offering 8 prayer meetings during the week. If you’re not involved in a prayer meeting at your church during the week, I encourage you to get involved with one of ours. There is no cost, and in these dark days, the need for fervent, beseeching prayer is critical.

We are an international community of rogue believers. These prayer meetings are for anyone from any country, as long as you speak English, have a heart to pray, and agree in the basic tenets of the faith. The men and women who are leading our groups are from the US, the UK, and Europe. Please, those of you outside of the US, feel free to join us.

The schedule of prayer meetings is shown below in US Central time, along with the country the facilitators are based from. You will be praying with other believers for each other and as God leads during your time together. Those who have participated in our prayer meetings have found them to be wonderful lifelines of strength, hope, and encouragement, in addition to the blessings that come from encountering God.

Monday, 7:30pm US Central time: wives prayer meeting by phone conference call.
Facilitator – Sandy England, US

Tuesday, 2:30pm US CT: wives prayer meeting by phone conference call.
Facilitators – Sandy England and Megan, US

Wednesday, 9:00am US CT: Zoom prayer call for all – men and women.
Facilitator – Tim Peterson, US

Wednesday, 12:00pm US CT: Zoom prayer call for wives
Facilitators – Sandy England, US, and Florence, Switzerland

Wednesday, 5:00pm US CT: wives prayer meeting by phone conference call.
Facilitator – Carmen, US

Thursday, 12:00pm US CT: Men’s prayer meeting by Zoom
Facilitator – Arwel, United Kingdom

Thursday, 1:30pm US CT: Zoom prayer call for all – men and women.
Facilitator – Arwel, United Kingdom

Thursday, 6:00pm US CT: wives prayer meeting by phone conference call.
Facilitators: Peg and Rebecca, US

Please contact us if you’d like to participate.

No matter what you’re going through, prayer is critical; a powerful game changer that rends the Heavens and storms the throne room of grace. You, your spouse, your family, your church, and your country need it.

Does the Bible ever say anywhere from Genesis to Revelation, “My house shall be called a house of preaching”? Does it ever say, “My house shall be called a house of music”? Of course not. The Bible does say, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations”. Preaching, music, the reading of the Word – these things are fine; I believe in and practice all of them. But they must never override prayer as the defining mark of God’s dwelling. The honest truth is that I have seen God do more in people’s lives during ten minutes of real prayer than in ten of my sermons.
-Jim Cymbala, senior pastor, Brooklyn Tabernacle

The man who can get believers to praying would, under God, usher in the greatest revival that the world has ever known.
-Leonard Ravenhill

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