Blazing Grace Radio Returns

Posted: Sep 29, 2020

From 2005-2007, we aired the Blazing Grace Radio show in Colorado Springs. The old shows have been archived on; over the years we’ve received emails from people asking why we stopped and encouraging us to start it up again.

So here we go. The new 2020 version of Blazing Grace Radio will air Fridays at 3:00PM US Pacific time on Faithtalk 1360AM here in Arizona. You can listen to the shows live at

Starting next week, the shows will be available on a new podcast. You’ll be able to listen to the shows from, iTunes, and Spotify at your leisure.

I’ve always wanted Casting Crowns’ song Set Me Free for the intro. The radio station had the license to Set Me Free and was able to accommodate us. The song is a perfect fit for the topics we’ll be hitting that will speak to those who are in bondage to sin or need healing in other areas.

Those of you who’ve read my books or watched the videos know I don’t flinch from delving into the hard issues; that doesn’t change for the radio show. Thankfully, the radio station didn’t shy away from the content.

So let’s do this. Prayers are appreciated as we’ll be hitting on topics that are often untouched, and we’ll be breaking new ground in Arizona. After I taped the first two shows, the engineer said, “We’ve never done a show like that before.”

And you know I’ll be going Rogue on the air.

If you want to help us fund this new battlefront, donations are appreciated.