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Posted: Oct 26, 2017

February of this year, I released The Wife’s Heart; Healing from Your Husband’s Porn and Adultery, and it immediately became the top seller for my books. 70% of the emails we receive are from hurting wives, yet there are fewer resources for wives than for men.

Occasionally, I’ve been asked “What’s a guy doing writing a book for wives?” Valid question. I’ll answer that by letting you read the responses from women who’ve read the book, which will be more revealing than what I have to say:

“I made it to chapter 5; there is so much already that has honestly shocked me. Page 12, #5 hit me, about once a husband finds a method that works for manipulating his wife, such as raging or blaming, that he uses it repeatedly until he wears her down and she becomes his slave!! This quite literally stopped me dead in my tracks! I see this in my husband; I feel this way and could never put it into words before… Mike did it for me.”

“I wanna cry and laugh all at the same time… I’m sad that I have been reduced to this person but am so happy to read these words and feel the cold chill of what i knew was always the truth; with God’s help maybe now I can change it! I don’t have to let this happen anymore! This horrible thing of my husband’s sexual sin has destroyed life, my heart, my self-esteem, my world, has definitely changed me, and I’m learning that change isn’t going to be all bad and horrible in the end. Maybe my heart won’t turn to stone or ice; maybe this will do me some good! It’s hard to see it through the tears and the pain but just maybe i will come out better than i was before, stronger, smarter, tougher.. just maybe i will remember who i am! Even with all this pain and torment, I will be thankful to God to get to that good place! Just maybe, I have hope!”

“The introduction made me cry… Mike tells you in the book to get a pen and highlighter and I just smiled and kept reading. Then at the end of the 3rd chapter I went and got a pen, highlighter and post it notes. I had to go back and make notes and highlight and mark pages. There is so much in the book that I had to reread chapters… I am on chapter 5 and have reread it twice and plan to go through it again. Even with the pen, highlighter and post-it notes, I can’t take it all in.”

“I started reading this morning while waiting for blood work to be done and then off to work, drats! I just love the way Mike writes and speaks, direct and to the point and to my heart. It’s so comforting and reassuring to hear that someone understands and I am not a crazy woman over this mess, especially coming from a man. I am soooooooo encouraged! Really looking forward to getting into this book and adding to my arsenal in the war room! It’s so incredibly refreshing to have a man call out other men on their unholy and inexcusable behavior.”

“Oh my goodness! Talk about a lot to process! I’m devouring every word; am on chapter 9. I had to slow down… am emotionally exhausted today after reading so much! It’s definitely an amazing book! It’s direct, black and white, which is good in this situation! I’m in such a weird place lately. There is no doubt about it, this book speaks to us broken hearted wives!”

“Chapter 9 is POWERFUL! I realize that I was like Jael when I called out “the other woman” who had claimed to be my friend over the last two years. I called her out on her lies and took a stand that she is to never contact us again. My husband was so relieved that I did that because she still had power over him and us because of his lack of confession. We need to slay the dragon at times and take action, ladies! Don’t be a victim; we have a list of arsenals that we can take up to defeat the enemy! And we have a great God who can fight the battle for us!”

“Chapter 16… I’m left in a puddle of tears!”

“Chapter 16 is similar to the allegory that my husband wrote for me about a month and a half ago. Reading both made me cry. My poor kids probably think I’m a walking water faucet with all the crying I’ve been doing! That’s ok, they need to see that mommy has feelings, too.”

“I am halfway through your book and intend on finishing it before I go to sleep – it’s got such a great flow to it and I love your no-nonsense, God-fearing approach. Thank you for repeating things throughout your book that wives of a porn addicted spouse so desperately need to know, understand, and believe. Already, I can see how so many things you explore in your book pertain to myself and the other wonderful women on this forum. (All of it.)”

“I’m on chapter 11. So far it has been really good and helpful with tangible action steps. So far, I have done everything the books states not to do. I’m glad that I see this now and realize I have a lot of work to do. I’m really enjoying my reading.”

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