How You Can Make a Significant Impact

Posted: Jun 23, 2021

The following video is a message I gave at the morning service of a church in California on how every believer can make an impact in spite of current events. After touching on where we are today, I get into how we can spark a spiritual awakening and how every believer can make a difference. Prayer is critical.

In line with the Biblical imperative that the church is to be a house of prayer, the congregation was broken up into small groups so they could spend 15 minutes in prayer after the message.

Right before I began, a man had prayed on his knees on stage, thus my comments at the start about reverence in church. Click the image below to watch it.

Let’s meet in the UK and Europe in October

We have a stand at the CRE show October 12-14 near London, and I will be leading a men’s retreat October 22-24 in Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy. If you’re in the UK and Europe and would like to have me speak or set up a meeting or conference in October, please contact us so we can make it happen.