Ladies, Join Us in Colorado May 20-23

Posted: Mar 26, 2021

Our next Wife’s Heart Retreat will be held in Beulah, Colorado, Thursday May 20 through Sunday morning May 24.

Our time together will include:
* A safe place to share your story
* Separating who you are from your husband’s sin.
* Your identity as beloved daughter of Christ.
* Rest, and seeking God; Friday and Saturday afternoons are spent in rest and time alone with the Lord.
* Overcoming fear and other triggers
* Looking at the lies that keep you from living in the freedom of God’s truth.
* Fellowship with other women who can relate to what you’re going through.
* Spiritual warfare
* Group sharing and prayer.
And more!

The Wife’s Heart Retreat is held in the mountains of Beulah, Colorado, in a pristine, secluded setting where you can disconnect and recharge. Our hope is that you will be encouraged and brought closer to Jesus by this time away. The retreat is led by Mike Genung, director of Blazing Grace, and Sandy England, facilitator of the Blazing Grace Wife’s Ministry.

Some of you reading this are worn out, run down, and beat up. The retreat is a great way to find rest of soul and receive refreshment from the Lord and others.

Here is one woman’s story who attended a previous retreat:

“I came to the retreat at the invitation of a friend. I googled it once, shrugged, and said “sure.” All I knew was that I was going crazy. I was numb, angry, despairing, depressed, sinful, and ugly. I wanted to run as far away from my husband as possible. The thought of several days away from him is what made me say yes and not even care where I was going. For all I knew the retreat could have been set up by crazy people. I didn’t care. At that point the future of our marriage looked so bleak. My husband was indulging in porn weekly if not more and no signs of stopping anytime soon and it kept getting worse and worse over the year and half of marriage. I was devastated. This was what marriage was about? Count me out!

When we drove up, I met Sandy inside the door. I got past the hellos and into the safety of my room and all of a sudden I felt like I could breathe. For the first time in a very long time, even years, I let myself feel a small bit and breathe. I knew by then that I would have to dig into those dark places and talk about things or put up thick walls. Out of desperation, I chose digging. I knew if I didn’t get help here, I was scared to go home; the shape I was in was that I was about to mentally and emotionally collapse and was afraid I might not return from that.

The next couple of hours were so very hard, yet the best moments of the past year. Literally. Talking about painful things, memories, hard things, things you never tell anyone as no one ever understands fully. They may nod or try to hide the shock on their face, but never understand. It was so freeing. It wasn’t long until I knew that I would need to deal with God that weekend. I had a great relationship with God before the turmoil of the porn, the pain, the betrayal, the agony, and the loneliness made me shut down and lose all hope in Him. I wasn’t sure if He even knew I existed. Some days were good days and I felt Him and had faith but most were spent so lost I didn’t know if He was real.

The second day we had the afternoon to ourselves. I went on a walk through the woods and sat down and got real with God. That talk is one I will never forget. The feeble faith I had was so small, but God met me there. (He had always been there, it just hadn’t seemed like it most times.) I told Him I would continue walking this path, I would continue being married, I would continue living and not do something crazy if He stayed with me. I needed Him so much. It seemed He showed me how vital my walk with Him is in going through this. To shut Him out was no longer an option. I chose Him.

The retreat was a weekend so God-filled it was unexplainable. I doubt I will ever experience a weekend that saved my life, my future, my walk with God like that weekend. To be raw, real, and open. To be guided toward God in every way. To feel the Holy Spirit so thickly.”

For more information and to sign up, contact us, or visit the Wife’s retreat page at

All lodging and meals are included in the cost of the retreat. You would fly into Denver, Colorado and drive to Beulah.