Lauren Roskilly, former White Witch, tells Her Story

Posted: May 31, 2024

The occult and witchcraft are being marketed to youth and adults with abandon and many, including Christians, are watching programs with these themes. I have had men and women who have come out of the occult on Blazing Grace Radio to show the dangers of playing with the demonic realm. Many of our youth are being seduced by the message of a spiritual experience as an alternative to Christianity. Churches that don’t equip their youth in spiritual warfare, prayer, and the sexual areas that they are struggling with give the enemy an open door to his influence. We must not stay silent on these issues, especially in our churches.

Lauren Roskilly lives in Sussex in the United Kingdom. At an early age Lauren was drawn into the occult. She called herself a white witch; casting spells and self-harming by cutting were a part of her life. She was considering joining a coven until her life took a dangerous turn and she nearly committed suicide. In the following video interview with Lauren, she shares how Jesus Christ changed her life. We also discuss spiritual warfare, the need for Christians to “clean house,” and more.

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