Let’s Meet in Las Vegas

Posted: Mar 23, 2022

Blazing Grace Radio currently airs on KKVV 1060AM in Las Vegas.
On April 21, I will be in Las Vegas to broadcast a live show of BG Radio that will air from 3:00 – 4:00PM. During this live show listeners will be able to call in and ask questions or offer comments. Then the next morning, on April 22, I’ll do another live call-in show at 9:30AM.

KKVV has a reported listenership of 85,000. This is an opportunity to openly discuss porn and other forms of sexual sin that are exploding in the church in a city where there are sure to be many who are in bondage, and offer hope. Of course, we’ll be talking about the Rogue way of Christianity too.

If you live in the greater Las Vegas area and would like me to speak at your church or organization, please let me know by replying to this email. We will be available through Sunday the 24th.

Otherwise, please pray for us and KKVV that the Lord would open doors and minister to the sexually broken while we’re there. After I emailed the station manager about setting the dates, she suddenly had problems getting emails out.

Your prayers are appreciated.

From Our Facebook Page

Earlier this month I posted the following on the Blazing Grace Facebook page. To date this post has received the most responses this year:

“Last weekend we visited a local church. The order of service was standard fare: worship songs, a message that briefly touched on what’s happening in Europe, and ‘Be careful with your life because we will all die at some point. God’s in control and we win in the end, read your Bible.’ There was mention of a tour to Israel next year. Everyone walked out happy. Yay us.

In contrast, I participated in one of our prayer groups this past Wednesday. We spent the entire hour in prayer. There were tears, fervent cries for the Ukraine, for God to rouse a lukewarm, prayerless church, and more. I’ll take that small prayer meeting any day of the week over the average modern church service.

I can’t help wondering what it will take to close the coffee bar, set aside the worship band, and even silence the pulpit so that we devote entire church services to prayer. Since prayer is so powerful as everyone says it is, and the early church prayed all the time, why aren’t we devoting our entire church services to prayer?

Surveys show that 80% of youth are walking away from the church and two-thirds of Christian men are viewing porn, along with 30% of women. Spiritual and sexual abuse are prevalent. Our core continues to be hollowed out, yet we don’t seem to have a sense of urgency that fires a desperate need to cry out for mercy like the Assyrians did during Jonah’s day. We’re rotting in our comfort zones.

My guess is that once we have an economic event that hits everyone hard (which can’t be far away), or perhaps get drawn into a war, or both, we might finally have had enough pain to cry out to God in our church services.

My fear is that we American Christians are too sophisticated to actually get on our knees in church and go after God in fervent prayer.”

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