Let’s Meet in Southern California this Month

Posted: Sep 05, 2019

I will be in Southern California the last week of this month (September).

For those of you who live there, let me know if you’d like to set up a meeting on helping people with porn addiction or adultery.

A meeting could be at someone’s home where you invite others, at a church or other venue, or, I could give a Sunday morning message. I will be available Thursday night, September 26, Friday night, September 27, and Sunday morning, September 29. It’s possible I might be open for a meetup during the day on Thursday and Friday, depending on the time and location.

I’ll be staying in Santa Ana, and would be up to going as far south as San Diego, as far east as San Bernardino County and as far north as Los Angeles County.

And as far west as the beach 🙂

A meeting could be more free-flow, with open sharing and Q & A, or could have a set agenda. I always like to end these meetings in prayer, for each other, those who are hurting in the local community, and the churches. As many of you are aware, the surveys have been showing for years that two-thirds of Christian men have issues with pornography, as well as 30% of Christian women. The road to recovery from porn addiction and adultery is a difficult one and there’s a lot involved in walking a couple to healing.

We could also meet to discuss the possibility of setting up a conference in your church or organization.

Please contact us if you’d be interested in setting up a meeting in Southern California later this month.

photo credit: tonobalaguer