Let’s Meet in the UK or Europe in March

Posted: Jan 08, 2020

Bekah and I will be in the U.K. and Europe for trade shows and other events in March. If you’re in the U.K., including Ireland and Scotland, or in Europe, and would like me to speak at your church or organization while we’re there, please respond to this email and let’s make it happen.

We’re always looking for ministry partners; if you’d like to meet with us to discuss partnering up with us to set up future events, such as a conference, retreat, or speaking at your church, consider this too. Sometimes it’s best to spend time getting to know each other and praying before making plans.

Our current schedule includes:

A stand at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Stoneleigh, UK, March 4-5. On Wednesday March 4, I will be giving a 45 minute seminar called “Healing for those hurting from porn and adultery” in room 3.

See https://creonline.co.uk/cre-midlands-2020-welcome/ for more info on the show.

March 8: I’ll be giving the Sunday morning message at a church in the north of Italy.

Finland: The days we’ll be there will be announced shortly.

…Plus other meetings with individuals. We will be making flight reservations soon; please respond to this email if you’d like to put a meeting together.

On another note, we’ve been getting hit hard with spiritual warfare this week, with strife at the home and office, a pressure cooker blowing up in my house, and being inches away from getting T-boned while driving my daughter to school, among other battles. Prayer is appreciated.