Looking Ahead to 2020

Posted: Dec 23, 2019

By Mike Genung

Recently, I had lunch with a pastor of a large church (more than 2,000 members). He told me that every marriage that comes to them for help has pornography in it. He had taught in the high school ministry in the past, and said that 100% of their youth have or have had issues with porn.

If this isn’t a moral crisis with the power to hollow out the church, tell me what is.

When I posted the article several weeks ago sharing my battles with depression and other brain chemistry issues, we hit a nerve; many shared their stories and similar struggles. Suicide, depression and other mental health issues are up. The country is split in a cultural civil war, mass shootings are commonplace, the occult is taking more ground, sexual depravity of every type is exalted; I could go on.

I believe the church has all of the Holy Spirit-powered weapons and gifts we need to spark an earth-shaking revival of epic proportions. God has already told us what to do in His word, we’re just not doing it. We may have some of the greatest teachers and pastors in the world, but it’s not until we take the actions steps shown in God’s word that the church goes spiritually nuclear.

I consider those of you who read these posts my family. We are a family of broken, sometimes hurting people. We want more than what today’s status-quo Christianity has to offer. When your marriage is being ripped apart or you’re in a dark hole of depression or discouragement, clichés and sterilized sermons don’t get it done. We need what is real and true; straightforward answers to the tough issues we face today. We need the Holy Spirit-fired power of God in our lives.

And if we don’t get revival, we’re going to lose our country.

Next year, my hope is to walk with you in your journey to healing, and help you find a vibrant life-changing relationship with the Lord. I also want to encourage you to reach for more and higher than what status quo Christianity offers. You are meant to be a warrior, fighter, and overcomer. Your identity is not sex addict, or wife of a sex addict, nor is it “victim.” If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, you’re a blood bought, Holy Spirit indwelt, son or daughter of the living God. You have a purpose that goes way beyond sitting in church on Sunday; you are meant to be in the fight with the rest of us.

Here at Blazing Grace, we have ministry opportunities in front of us in North America, Europe, and other countries. I’m looking at expanding our office space to record videos and a podcast; this, plus the overseas trips, trade shows and other things we do require financial resources. I don’t take a penny from your donations personally so it all goes to ministry purposes.

If several hundred of you were to donate an average of $30.00 a month, our expenses would be covered and we would be able to make a wider impact in the U.S. and abroad. This is also the time of the year when people make decisions for their year-end donations; you might consider Blazing Grace if you believe in what we do.

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I encourage you to take your prayer life to the next level. I’ve been praying daily for revival for myself, the church, pastors, and our country, and encourage you to do the same (see Daniel 9). Let’s make 2020 the year that the church goes nuclear and explodes with grace, cleansing, healing, repentance and revival.