My Next Book is for Rogues

Posted: Feb 12, 2020

I quarantined myself for the past month to write the next book; it will be like no other I’ve written.

For the past several years I’ve been hearing the same message from God’s people: we’re losing our country, and the church is missing the mark.

We go to church during the weekend services, watch the performance, and go home. Meanwhile, sexual depravity is everywhere, the occult has gone mainstream, suicide rates are rising, and mass shootings are commonplace. Our nation is divided in a cultural civil war, and Christians are the enemy. Most churches rarely discuss these issues openly, let alone act as if there’s a problem outside their doors.

The new book is titled The Rogue Christian. In it I take a hard look at where our country is today, why the church has lost its salt, and what we can do to spark the spiritual awakening that is so desperately needed.

Some of what is in the book goes against the grain of today’s status quo Christianity. The answers given are biblical, which gives you a hint that our churches have drifted.

The first 5 chapters look at where we are and the root causes; the next 10 chapters focus on answers. This isn’t about “getting busy for God.” A church of hurting, distracted, or lukewarm men and women isn’t able to be the salt and light God has called us to be; we need believers who know who they are in Christ and are grounded in their relationship with Him. The second half of the book begins by taking you into a deeper relationship with the Lord, then moves into what every believer can do to make an impact.

Along the way topics are exposed that include the porn problem in the church, spiritual abuse, sexual abuse, legalism, the effects of not addressing these and other issues openly and equipping God’s people to be fighters, and more.

We need leaders who understand the need for urgency. The book hits on the urgent need to go rogue, now, which is to abandon status quo Christianity for the biblical version. (It does not mean abandoning the church).

The only person who’s read the book besides my staff is the editor; these were her comments:

Your writing is so good–inspirational, foundational, and from the depths of your (and God’s) heart. I’m sharing bits and pieces with my husband, and we’re nodding and agreeing and being generally amazed at how the book reflects so much of what we’ve been talking about in the last few years. I love your book, and I think it hits the bullseye on so many levels. Your view of the modern-day church is something we all definitely need to hear. Almost every Sunday in our church we come away a bit empty, still longing for more, for Jesus, for God to be exalted and lifted higher. 

I could go on and on, but Mike, I’m in your corner on what you’re doing in your ministry.

The interior and cover are being worked on now. We are planning on a March 17 release date. I’ll update you and provide more information on The Rogue Christian in the coming weeks.