Need Accountability and Support? Visit Our Forums!

Posted: Jul 22, 2015


by Mike Genung

We have an awesome community of men and women who meet for support and encouragement daily at our sex addiction forums.

Here are a few of their posts to give you a feel for the group:

“Today is the 7th day since the reconciliation with God, over Porn and Masturbation. I’ve been on this site every day and am getting ready to take it to the next level. I get more support here than anywhere else I have been. So to clarify, I have been lust, porn and masturbation free for 1 week. Thanks guys.”
“I can’t tell how surprisingly effective online accountability can be if it’s done the right way.  That means I hold myself accountable on a daily basis (if possible) to the forum.  I have to be painfully honest with myself, God, and others on this forum.  I hold myself accountable for more than just porn and masturbation, but also my thoughts, my eyes, my quiet times with the Lord, my family, my wife, etc.”

Blazing Grace is a major pillar of accountability for me.  I have, later on, established other pillars of accountability around me, but Blazing Grace is by far the biggest for me. To lose this pillar would be a substantial blow to my effectiveness in dealing with this addiction and my walk with God.

My point is that I think that there is definitely a place for you at Blazing Grace.  You’ll get out what you put into it.  So welcome back, and I pray that you will find yourself in a better place in the near future.  Thanks for sharing.”

“My husband has found that having a wife does not fix his lust problem, because his problem is not ‘need for sexual relations’ but rather it’s lust and power and pleasure and control. So while maybe having a wife reduces the frequency at which he is tempted to act out, it doesn’t eliminate his temptation by any means.”


“I was thinking about doing a post on sexual abuse in the church and porn.

“I am a lapsed Baptist and I’ve seen Baptists of all stripes gloss over sexual abuse in the church. I have two sites which list SE by name and many of them are well known in SBC circles.  It’s just been exposed the one school in SC has covered up sexual abuse in their school for 80 years and they are a mandated reporter as educators.  Many students came forward to expose SA in their homes and churches only to be told to forgive and forget.”


“I have read that many wives of SA end up on meds b/c of the Trauma and PTSD from their husband’s porn addiction.  I have panic attacks because of the stress.”


“I am wiping away tears reading your post, bentnotbroken. I am guilty of putting my wife through similar circumstances and all I can do when I think of what I did is cry. I cannot put myself in your husband’s shoes, but I can say that I am sorry. I am sorry that the snare that is pornography has devastated your family the way that it has. I will be asking The Lord to help you in your circumstances, and as Steve has said, there are many people here who though may be thousands of miles away, feel your pain and want to offer a shoulder to lean on.”


If you’re a man or woman who is struggling with sex or porn addiction, or a hurting spouse looking for others who can relate to what you’re going through, I encourage you to register at our sex addiction forums and get involved. This is a great way to get instant accountability and support and be a part of a community of others who are walking the same journey as you.