New – 8 Week Couples Course

Posted: Oct 16, 2023

Many of you are familiar with our 8 week course for men who want to recover from porn addiction, and our 10 week course for wives to help women heal from porn and adultery in their marriage. In both courses, group participants are paired up with another member to contact during the week for support and prayer and work the assignments that are provided. Group members call into a zoom meeting once a week to receive support, guidance, and feedback from Tim Peterson (men’s course) or Sandy England (wives course).

We are now offering an 8 week Course for Couples.

For 8 weeks, you and your spouse will join Tim Peterson, a counselor and pastor, on a weekly zoom call. He’ll be your guide and help you work through the issues and sticking points in your relationship so you can move toward recovery and healing. Assignments will be given for the two of you to work each week that are based on my book The Road to Grace for Couples, A Workbook for Healing from Porn and Adultery.

During the 8-week course, you’ll work through the following:
Improving communication
How to rebuild trust
Understanding each other’s healing and recovery process
Working together (instead of against each other)
Fighting with your spouse instead of against them
Spiritual warfare
Maintaining healthy boundaries
Fear and control
Sex in marriage
And much more.

We offer the 8-week Couples Course two ways:
* A group of two couples. You and your spouse would participate with another couple in the weekly zoom meetings. Both husbands are encouraged to contact each other at least once a week for the purpose of support and prayer, as are both wives. A 2-couple group provides the benefit of the additional support and prayer that another couple who are walking your path can provide.
* 1 couple. You and your spouse are the sole participants. This is a fit for couples who prefer the privacy of walking through the course without others.

If your marriage has been stuck or you simply need help in the recovery process, consider the couples course. Two copies of The Couples Workbook are included with each course so each spouse has their own copy to make notes in.

For more information and rates, please visit, or contact us.

Our courses have been attended by persons from North America, Pacific Rim countries, the UK, and Europe, and are open to anyone who speaks English.