New Book in Progress: The Wife’s Heart

Posted: Jan 12, 2017

My next book, The Wife’s Heart; Healing from Your Husband’s Porn Addiction and Adultery, is in the final pre-production stages. The manuscript has been edited, and the interior is being created. We should have the cover done in 10 days. If everything goes right I’ll have first copies of the book available at the store early February.

At least 70% of our emails come from wives. Many of these emails contain phrases like “I’m hurting… I don’t have anyone to talk to… I feel so alone.” Many also share that they tried to get help at their church or with a counselor and it wasn’t helpful. In some cases the counsel they received even made it worse (“you’re codependent… if you gave your husband more sex he wouldn’t have this problem… boys will be boys and you need to deal with it… just divorce him.”)

The book will address the questions I hear often from wives, and will include these topics:

* Understanding your husband and how his sexual sin has affected him.

* What to do if he refuses to get help, or keeps falling.

* The 8 elements of rebuilding trust.

* Coping with triggers such as fear, anger, and insecurity.

* Embracing your incredible value as a wife and daughter of Christ.

* Forgiveness

* Healing your heart

And much more.

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Image credit: Brian Johnson