Open Doors in the UK and Europe

Posted: Nov 18, 2019

Last month we (my daughter Bekah and I) were in the United Kingdom for the Christian Resources Show near London, and a meeting in Northern Ireland. The experience was amazing, with what could only be described as God-ordained appointments.

The first several hours of the CRE show, I had a sense that people were avoiding our stand from fear or shame, with spiritual warfare at its roots. Several stands away was a group who were offering prayer to those who wanted it. I approached them, explained how warfare often accompanies a ministry like this, and asked for prayer. From then on we started seeing breakthroughs.

I did a live radio interview at the show around noon, and the interviewer liked the content of our discussion so much that he asked me to come back for a second interview the following day.

We had people coming to our stand and sharing their stories, some in tears, and heard “thank you for coming, we need this” quite a bit. Some were surprised that we came from the states “just to help us here in the UK” without knowing anyone.

The afternoon of the second day I gave a seminar on breaking free and healing from porn and adultery that was well received, and then the dam broke loose. After the seminar we had people coming to us from word of mouth. Some offered to help us set up speaking events for a return trip.

One woman told us she believed in what we were doing to the extent that, if we were willing to come back to the Midlands show that will be held March 4-5 of 2020, that she would pay for the cost of the booth space! So we’re going back to the UK early March, and plan to be in Europe for that entire month to offer time for other speaking or ministry events. (See for information on the Midlands show). CRE show management has invited me to do another seminar at the Midlands show, so if you’re in the UK please make plans to visit us – or let me know if you’d like me to come and speak at your church or organization.  The same goes for those of you in other countries.

After the CRE show, we went to Belfast, where I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew Horner and his family. Matthew is looking at setting up possible events there in Northern Ireland in March. Please pray for God’s leading and wisdom for Matthew as he steps out to make a difference in this arena where many are in bondage.

We continue to see God open doors for us in Europe, and are also looking at a trip to Italy and Finland in January. These trips require a significant investment financially, if you want to support us this way, please go to the donation page on the website.

Prayer is always appreciated as both we and our hosts usually get hit with warfare in the weeks leading up to and during the events.

None of this means we’ve forgotten our home turf. If you’re in the U.S. and would like to set up a conference or retreat, or have me come speak, please let me know.