Blazing Grace Radio Episode

Questions, Part 1

Recorded: Feb 26, 2024

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Blazing Grace Radio
Blazing Grace Radio
Questions, Part 1



In this first of two shows, Mike asks the following questions:
1. Why are we so isolated?
From Mike Frost, Australian director of Tinsley Institute
“I’ve lost count of the number of Christians who’ve told me they either stopped attending church or left their church to join another one because they couldn’t make any friends there. They report that the church people were friendly enough. They were hospitable and welcoming. As one person told me, “They’re nice to you, but no one becomes your friend.”
2. Why aren’t we talking about the occult?
Among others, Jay Z, Taylor Swift, and Jonathan Roumie have shown publicly that they are into the occult.
3. Why aren’t we talking openly about sex, porn, and masturbation in the church?