Prayer for Europe Trip

Posted: Oct 27, 2023

Last week I wrote about the power of prayer, which included the lack of prayer in ministers and pastors who fall prey to sexual sin, and how critical it is that every believer deepens their prayer life.

After our newsletters are sent out, we post them on our Facebook page. We’ve had 500+ responses from last week’s article on prayer which shows how needed this topic is—and that the enemy doesn’t want us on our knees. Every day, we’ve had trolls out in force who were cursing or otherwise attacking prayer, the church, and Christians, complete with memes. The enemy apparently flips out when we challenge and call God’s people to prayer; he knows better than we do how powerful prayer is and is quite content keeping the average Christian distracted with other things.

So on that note…

We’re leaving for the UK and Europe for 3 weeks this Sunday. I’ll be speaking in various venues in Finland, the UK, and Italy. We have a stand at the CRE show in Birmingham in the UK and I’ll be giving two live seminars there.

Please pray for:

God to fight in the spiritual battle that will be set against those who need to come.

God’s power, presence, and healing at every stop.

Fruit beyond this trip, specifically, that more doors will be opened because of it.

Strongholds in the church to be broken, particularly in the UK. I say this because every time we go to Great Britain, people tell us to keep coming, that there are few (if any) Christian ministries like BG there, the need is great, and, their pastors won’t touch the topics of sex or pornography from the pulpit, in spite of the fact that the Bible is packed with warnings about the consequences of not addressing sexual sin. Meanwhile, secular society continues to ram sexual sin down their throats (just as is happening everywhere). (Having said this, we see the strongholds in the top everywhere, not just in the UK.)

Covering for us and our hosts. We often encounter resistance throughout these trips.

See the events schedule below for information on the events to pray for.