The Billboards are Up. Now We Need Prayer!

Posted: Jul 27, 2022

Our billboards started showing in 12 locations in Las Vegas last Saturday.
Here are pictures of two of those locations:


Lamar, the billboard company, provided the shots above. This is what the full artwork looks like:

And the locations in the city:

Now comes the most important part, which we need your help with – prayer.

This campaign is worthless without consistent, heaven-rending, God-sized prayers.

The American church is corrupt with sexual sin, pride, and arrogance. Many are suffering because our churches don’t have the guts to talk about sex at church or rock people’s comfort zones. We need to be sweetly broken to the point that we’re willing to take a hard look at our sin for the purpose of repentance, healing, and restoration. Only God can break the spiritual strongholds of apathy, arrogance, and fear. No billboard, or even a sermon, can do that; if sermons were enough we never would have fallen so far into darkness. I’m asking you for God-sized prayers for Him to shake the spiritual walls in Las Vegas… for boldness for us, for open doors, and for God-sized spiritual breakthroughs.

I hope you’re as tired of watching the church getting its butt kicked as I am. Please consider scheduling at time to pray for the Las Vegas campaign multiple times a day through August 15. God isn’t limited to Vegas. His work may extend beyond Nevada depending on the level of impact.

I will be doing seven days straight of live radio broadcasts on KKVV 1060AM in Las Vegas, from August 1-7.
Monday, August 1, through Saturday, August 6, the shows will air at 3:00PM US Pacific time.
You can listen to or livestream the broadcasts at
Sunday morning the show will air at 10:00AM – perfect time for a Sunday morning service.
I’ll be taking questions and comments from callers during the shows. Feel free to call into the studio at 702-650-5588 to participate.

See for more information.

If you’re interested in supporting what we’re doing financially, see donate for more information.

Please pray!