The Church Under the Hood

Posted: Mar 22, 2019

By Mike Genung

During last weekend’s service at Blazing Grace Church, we looked at what the real church looks like under the hood, not the polished version everyone sees on Sunday. The real church includes a majority of believers who are isolated, spiritual abuse, pornography, pride and arrogance in the pulpits, and many who are walking, talking Bibles, yet lack an intimate relationship with the Lord. This is what we have been seeing at the ministry for years from people who come to us for help, and from our encounters with church leadership. After exposing the truth, we looked at the answer…

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Last Week’s Pastor’s Conference in California

Last week I was privileged to lead an all-day training event in Fresno, California. Around 40 pastors and ministry leaders, representing churches from Central California to San Francisco were there. We talked about the need to openly discuss sex, porn, masturbation, adultery and other issues to their flocks, and provide clear answers. One person who came told me they were skeptical about coming because they didn’t want to hear the typical “read your Bible and pray” answers that many churches dole out, but was pleasantly surprised to hear the focus on equipping with Biblical tools, healing in the heart, and discussion on the wives issues. We had 2 breakout sessions where they shared their struggles and prayed for each other; some reported that it was a time of healing for them. The afternoon finished with all of us praying; a powerful way to end it.

Finland Next Week

 Next Tuesday I leave for Finland, and will be there until April 8 on a tour of churches and other venues speaking on freedom from porn and the abundant life that Jesus provides. Will be providing an update when I return; your prayers are appreciated.

We Could Use Financial Support

Blazing Grace loses money every year, and 2018 was no different; in fact it was the largest one-year loss ever. I’ve been making up the shortfall myself but the requests for help in this area are outstripping what I can do. If you believe in what we’re doing and are able to partner up with us financially, go to the Donate page on the website.