The Need for Partners

In the next 5 months, we have the following going:

* A 3 month billboard campaign in Colorado Springs that began last weekend. Here is a shot of one of the billboards:

* Participation at the annual Calvary Chapel Pastor’s conference in Costa Mesa. A video of me sharing about Blazing Grace will be shown during the breaks and to those who are live streaming the conference (reported to be 15,000).

* Our From Porn to Grace conference here in Colorado Springs on August 4.

* In September, 2 weeks in Italy speaking at a conference, churches, and leading a men’s retreat.

* A Christian conference in the U.K. in October.

Plus, we are receiving requests to do other conferences in the U.S. and other countries.

I am the main donor for Blazing Grace, but all of this is outstripping my resources so I need to ask others who believe in what we’re doing to come along side us financially. (We’ll have around $15,000.00 invested in the From Porn to Grace conference and the billboards alone.) BG is a 501c3 non-profit ministry; donations are tax deductible.

See the donate page at to contribute online, or by mail.

5 responses to “The Need for Partners”

  1. Hello. Looking forward to attending the conference in Colorado Springs. Can you give me the citation where you got “65% of men in church struggle with Porn”. I run a Porn addiction recovery class at Calvary Aurora.

    • In general, Barna Group partnered up with John McDowell in 2016 and did a survey that cost more than 6 figures… the 65% number was their finding.
      More than this, please see the page below. is my book site and we keep up to date porn stats here:
      Over the years I’ve seen surveys in the church that showed anywhere from 60-70% of Christian men are viewing it, in addition to around 30% of women.
      It used to be that the surveys were showing 20% of women but now their numbers are growing too.

      • Interestingly enough, you didn’t point out that the study says that 57% of pastors struggle with porn. Maybe you should start with them!

        • True… it’s hard enough to get people to accept the idea that 65% of Christian men have this problem, along with around 30% of women.

          • Interestingly, the study is no longer available to order, just blurbs about the findings. Also, it doesn’t appear that this study was peer reviewed or published in an academic journal, which means it’s worth about as much as the paper it’s written on. It’s interesting that this website also advocates conversion therapy for folks who are gay, which time and time again has been proven ineffective, unethical, and illegal now in a number of states.

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