The UK & Europe Trip

Posted: Sep 23, 2022

In 2019 we exhibited for the first time at the Christian Resources Show in the United Kingdom. In the first hours of the first day of the show, no one stopped by our booth; some even made an extra effort to veer away from it. CRE had a booth nearby that offered prayer. I approached the couple who ran it, told them I believed we were experiencing warfare, and prayed with them. Not long after we prayed, the the dam broke wide open and we got busy.

Great Britain is the second largest consumer of porn in the world (the US is number 1). Surveys show that 75% of UK Christian men are viewing porn. There are few resources there in this arena there; the need for help is great. And, as they told me repeatedly, British pastors are as shy about talking about sex as their American counterparts.

From October 5 – 25, Bekah and I will be in the UK, Greece, Austria, and Finland. The schedule is below. We have 2 booths at CRE in Sandown Park, one for Blazing Grace, and a second for The Rogue Christian. I will be speaking twice at the show, and we will be giving a lot of books away at no charge. The rest of the trip in the UK and the other countries will include counseling sessions, meeting with groups or ministries, and other meetings. If you’re in one of those countries and would like to meet up, let me know by contacting us.

Please pray. We usually encounter warfare on these trips, but more than this, please pray for fruit, changed hearts, and open doors!

The trip will cost around $15,000.00. If you believe in what we’re doing and would like to support us financially, Blazing Grace is a 501c3 non-profit ministry. See donate for more information.

Here is the schedule. The counseling appointments and group meetings are left out for confidentiality purposes. We are continuing to add more appointments.

October 6: Arrive in London
October 11-13: CRE Christian show, Sandown Park, United Kingdom.
October 11, Tuesday, 1:30pm: Live seminar at CRE, Healing from Porn Addiction and Adultery.
October 12, Wednesday, 1:30pm: Live seminar at CRE, Healing from Porn Addiction and Adultery.
October 15-16: Greece
October 17-19: Austria
October 21-23: Finland
October 25: Back to the US