Update from Europe

Posted: May 24, 2023

Greetings from Ireland.
We landed in London on May 1, then the next morning I was interviewed on 90.1 Hope FM’s live morning show. Here’s a picture of the interview:

The following weekend I led a men’s retreat, from Friday to Sunday, in the North of Italy:

During the weekend we had several prayer meetings, broke up for individual sharing and prayer, and the men had all of Saturday afternoon for rest and seeking God’s presence. I shared on recovery from sexual sin, encountering God through prayer, spiritual warfare, youth issues, and more. The men were hearing from God and having their hearts touched by Him. There was also a counseling session where lifelong strongholds were broken for a man. Prayer-filled retreats are powerful!

Then it was on to Austria with a day of counseling appointments, and I led a conference on Saturday:

The guy in the red shirt did translation from English to German. Karima, who works with Loveismore, is standing to my right in the picture on the left. At the end of the conference I invited everyone to kneel and pray. I love those times when everyone is praying.

Then it was on to Finland. We have scheduled a meeting with youth at a church there for our return trip to Europe in November, with more in the works. I’ll have an announcement to make about other developments that came from the time in Finland shortly.

The following issues have been common themes throughout the trip:

Father wounds.
Most men and women have significant father wounds; some that include violence.

Spiritual abuse
There were many stories of people who went to a church for help and were judged, rejected, or condemned.

The topics of sex, porn, and adultery are suppressed or avoided in most churches.
…Which continues to be a tragedy with vast numbers of God’s people in bondage in these areas.

Spiritual warfare
I often bring up the topic of spiritual warfare when I speak and receive positive feedback for doing so. Many believers aren’t being equipped in these areas or hearing them addressed from the pulpit.

It continues to alarm me how the lives of youth are attacked and destroyed right in front of our eyes.

We have been blessed to see God work in the hearts of His people at every stop the past 3 weeks. There has also been plenty of spiritual warfare along the way; thank you for going with us in prayer.