You Are a Game-Changer

Posted: Jun 17, 2022

After last week’s newsletter on equipping you to be a spiritual warrior, I got hit with one of those late-night battles I described in the article. Our spiritual adversary is quite happy to keep us feeding on milk and cookies Sunday morning at church, but is roused to attack when God’s people are equipped to be spiritual overcomers and fighters who live with impact.

Each one of you can be a game-changer, right where you are. Invest chunks of your time in prayer every day, be a part of a praying tribe, keep short accounts with sin, become a doer of the word, and ask God to send you as Isaiah did (see Isaiah 6), and He will move you from the sidelines to the battlefield where you can make a difference. You’ll take a few hits, but so what. Better to be bloodied and take new ground than rot in the bleachers with the crowd.

Simple acts can make a big difference. Go to you pastor, tell him about scope of the porn epidemic in the church and encourage him to speak out and provide answers. Start a men’s or wives support group for the sexually broken. Start a prayer group in your home or in your church, or participate in one of our 8 prayer groups. God’s people are commanded to be devoted to prayer (Colossians 4:2); we’re powerful on our knees. Ask your pastor to consider having your church pray during your weekend services. Go to your kid’s school, tell them about the explosion of porn among youth, and ask them to take action. Give away copies of The Rogue Christian or The Way of the Rogue Christian, or have a study group based around them. Both rogue books will give you and others plenty of action steps to take. Host a From Porn to Grace conference. Or host a Rogue Christian conference.

None of these action steps require a seminary degree (sometimes, the more education a person has the less they do). What is needed today are blood-bought sons and daughters of the living God who are willing to make a difference. The harvest is ripe. I often see more women than men who are willing to step out, at least initially. Some men are content to spend their time crossing their doctrinal “T’s” and dotting their “I’s” on the sidelines as they watch the action from the stands. We need everyone engaged right now. 75% of youth are reportedly walking away from the church. Rebekah, 20 years old, who works for Blazing Grace, recently said that “most parents have no clue what their kids are doing on social media.” Big mistake. That leaves a wide-open door for the enemy to take our youth captive. We must engage our youth with a faith worth dying for. But do our adults even have it?

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Status quo Christianity has failed. It’s time to go rogue.

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