Men’s Support Group for Sex Addiction

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“The group and assignments were really good. It is a lot to get through in 8 weeks, but it helped give me new insights and strength.  Thank you for the wisdom and investment in my life!”

“I feel like I have the tools to overcome temptation now.”

“I attended the group earlier this year. As of today, I am 5 months free. I am under no illusion that I am out of the woods just yet… I have been able to successfully “turn,” as you teach, when temptation comes my way. I’m meeting with another man locally for accountability to stay out of isolation. Thank you for all you have done, and I appreciate your honest testimony of your journey, as it offers plenty of encouragement and needed warnings.”

“I’m no longer white knuckling when it comes to turning away from temptation. It’s actually easier now than before. I’m starting to believe there’s hope.”

“Going on the retreat alone was great; I stayed at a cabin in the mountains. Had some great outdoor time hiking and exploring the area. God gave me a chapter that connects with me right where I’m at. He also surprised me on two occasions with wildlife. One day I asked him to surprise me and 30 seconds later 3 deer popped out near the road I was driving!”

The Blazing Grace Men’s Group is an eight week course led by Tim Peterson, who is a counselor and pastor, that is part boot camp, part discipleship, and part adventure.

The primary goal of the group is to walk each man through the process of encountering God and His grace. This is done by:
1. Staying out of isolation and stopping the lying, hiding, and deception that always accompany sexual sin through accountability to the group, accountability partner, and the spouse.
2. Taking effective action steps to eliminate the stumbling blocks of temptation under your control.
3. Equipping you with the tools to overcome temptation.
4. Delving into the heart issues that need to be resolved in order to receive the love of God more fully.
5. Focused time seeking and connecting with God.
6. Restoration of your marriage.

Each man is assigned an accountability partner who they will walk with, support, pray for, and be accountable to daily through the eight week course. For best results and so you can give your full attention to the assignments, we do not recommend that you attend other groups while you’re going through this course. Each week, you would attend a group meeting by phone conference call. During the meeting time each man will be accountable to the group for any struggles with lust or sexual sin, discuss how they did with the prior week’s assignments, and receive feedback and support.

The weekly assignments include accountability and transparency with your accountability partner and spouse, setting up and implementing an action plan to remove the stumbling blocks of temptation under the man’s control, readings, and more. The last week of the course, each man is required to go alone to a retreat (where the rooms have no TV) for 24 hours to have focused time seeking the Lord.

Our men’s group for recovery from porn or sex addiction is not for everyone, including:

* Those who attend support groups so they can feel better about sin. Support groups are filled with men who fall, confess, feel a little better, repeat the cycle…  and stay there.

* Those who aren’t willing to do whatever it takes. This is the only attitude that will carry you through to victory. Many remain stuck because they’re not willing to take the decisive actions required to eliminate the stumbling blocks of temptation under their control, or are not willing to be completely honest on a consistent, ongoing basis.

* Those who aren’t willing to examine their heart. True, lasting freedom from sexual sin comes from the heart; the lies, wounds and other issues that block the flow of grace must be worked through.

* Those who aren’t committed. Our groups depend on the consistent participation of everyone for success; you will be going into battle with and for your brothers, just as they will for you. If you can’t commit to the entire eight week course, working through the assignments, and taking the actions steps that will make a difference, please wait until you’re ready. (Unfortunately, that usually means more pain, shame, and misery).

There are no guarantees; the results depend on the effort you put into it and what God does in your life.

For those outside of North America, please feel free to contact us. We’ve had group members from Canada and Australia; you’re welcome to participate group as long as you speak English. In some instances we may set up a special group time for those in different countries.

The cost of the 8 week course is $295.00. You will receive Mike Genung’s two books, The Road to Grace; Finding True Freedom from the Bondage of Sexual Addiction, and 100 Days on The Road to Grace.  There is an additional charge for postage for members outside of the U.S.

We also offer a “group of 1” where you work on the assignments with your own accountability partner outside of the group and make the weekly calls individually to the group leader (Tim Peterson). This gives you more attention and anonymity vs. the group calls. The cost for a group of 1 is $450.00.

To find out more, please send an email to

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