A Prayer for the Broken

Posted: Jun 16, 2023

Sex is everywhere except in our churches, and by that I mean being able to talk in a healthy way about sex within Christian marriage, and what authentic, life-giving sexual relationships and marriage look like.
– JP DeGance

By Mike Genung

Churches everywhere are avoiding discussing sexual topics openly from the pulpit and equipping God’s people. This plays into Satan’s hands to keep many in bondage. Sexual depravity is rammed down our throats every day in every corner of society; it’s unavoidable. If your church hasn’t touched the topic of sex within the last year, it’s been way too long.

What’s needed is prayer to take down the walls of pride, fear, arrogance, and lukewarm comfort down that have been built around the church regarding sexual issues, followed by effective action steps. Such prayer would be warfare in that it would attack these strongholds.

For the next 30 days I encourage you to enter the battle and pray down these walls. What follows is a prayer you can use that is based on Daniel 9 (where Daniel confessed the sins of his country, asked God for mercy, and was immediately answered), Isaiah 6:8, 1 Corinthians 5:1-2, and Revelation 2:18-19. You can personalize it and add your church’s name or your country if you prefer.

“Father, we have sinned against you. We have not taught and equipped your people to be overcomers in sexual issues, and many lives, marriages and families have been destroyed as a result. We have watched and done nothing while all this has happened. We have been arrogant, not wanting to believe that Your church is corrupt with sexual sin.

Please do whatever it takes to break every stronghold, wall, and lie that have been built in your church regarding sexual issues. We renounce pride, fear, apathy, and every form of lust we have cooperated with. Please fight the intense battles that are set against every church, pastor, ministry leader, man, woman, and our youth. Give us boldness to speak openly about these issues and equip us to be the overcomers you have called us to be. Fill us with your Holy Spirit of power, love, and sound mind and send us and others into the battle for the hearts of Your people. Set our hearts on the eternal and keep us from wasting our lives on entertainment, distractions, and pleasure.

Here I am, send me! Show me what You want me to do next.
In the Name of Jesus,

Feel free to edit this prayer as you like.
Please also pray that God would open doors for us at Blazing Grace.

Let’s go to war, my friends.