The Church

1000 Pastors

Published on 06/08/2017 in The Church by Mike Genung

by Mike Genung The last week of this month, somewhere between 1,000 and 1,200 pastors and church leaders will receive a free copy of my first book, The Road to Read More

We Are a Church at War

Published on 06/10/2016 in The Church by Mike Genung

by Mike Genung We are a church at war. There are times when I wonder if we act like it. Are we training believers to be Biblical warriors? Or is Read More

We’re Missing the Point

Published on 08/13/2015 in The Church by Mike Genung

By Mike Genung Since the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, Christians have been in turmoil. Church and para-church leaders published blog posts and videos giving their take on how Read More

Pastors, Porn, and Restoration

Published on 05/05/2014 in The Church by Mike Genung

What should the church’s response be when a pastor is ensnared in porn addiction or adultery? Take out the pitchforks, and chase him out of town with a command never Read More