Don’t Isolate!

Posted: Apr 22, 2020

We got a lot of response to the last post, The Other Epidemic has Exploded. There was quite a bit of anger and frustration expressed that churches aren’t talking openly about sexual issues, or even clued in.

Your responses included:

– I can go to church and get my sexual lust triggered by the way women dress… with their underwear exposed. Why don’t churches deal with this? How can they deal with porn when they won’t even talk about the way women dress Sunday morning. I guess it’s because they have bills to pay and don’t want to offend anyone.

– I think it’s so sickening that Pornhub is giving a free access. And our church wants to sit at the campfire and sign kumbayah. 

I posted the “The Other Epidemic” article on the Blazing Grace Facebook page, and one man wrote the following in response:

– Porn is a real struggle among us these days. I have struggled every day. Yes I’m a believer. With God everything is possible. Without him, it’s ugly

I was blown away that he had the guts to publicly confess he’s struggling daily. This is uncommon courage that you don’t often see.

Please don’t isolate during this time.

If you’re struggling with porn, or if you’re a spouse of a man who is addicted to pornography, we have multiple phone conference groups available, some at no cost. These are for individuals in the US, Europe, and Asia, or to anyone who speaks English and wants to participate. Please don’t think these groups are for those in North America only.

Our phone group offerings include:

* Newcomers groups for men and wives where you can share your story and receive support. (no charge)

* A prayer conference call for wives. (no charge)

* Our 8 week course for men and our 10 week course for wives.

Isolation feeds lust. If you’re struggling, or if you’re a wife who needs support, please don’t go it alone. Our men’s groups are led by Tim Peterson and our wives groups are led by Sandy England. Tim and Sandy have been in your shoes and are first class people who are fantastic at helping others.

Contact us for more information!

photo: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz