The Moral Crisis

Posted: Sep 26, 2022

I met with the senior pastor of a church of 1,000 here in AZ for lunch last week. He told me that at their recent men’s retreat, 80% of the men admitted to struggling with pornography. When he asked how many would take a specific action step to overcome it, one signed on. He also told me he believes the surveys showing that two-thirds of Christian men are viewing porn are understated and that the real numbers are much higher. In his 40 years of life, he knew just two men who claimed never to have seen porn.

80%. Think of the ramifications of a church filled with men whose hearts are poisoned with the spiritual sewage of lust. Those men will eventually come to a crisis point and get help, waste their lives in lukewarm apathy, or worse. Remember Ravi Zacharias. More women are being ensnared (at least 33%, up from 20%), and the numbers of youth that are engaged with porn is up in the 90% range.

This should provoke churches to an awareness that we have a moral crisis on our hands that demands action.

It would… if we hadn’t been put to sleep with spiritual lullabies and there was more emphasis on character, holiness, and equipping people to be spiritual warriors and overcomers. What would John the Baptist say if he walked into one of our modern churches?

Get help if you’re in bondage. Get plugged in to one of our prayers groups or take our 8-week men’s course. The same goes for hurting wives. Your healing is just as critical as your husband’s recovery. Do not live the Christian life in isolation! Isolated believers are easily picked off.

If you’re tired of watching the church get its butt kicked and want to make an impact, consider hosting one of our From Porn to Grace conferences.

We are a church at war and have lost significant ground. Let’s start taking that territory back by getting in the fight.